One of the things that schools and universities should invest today is a digital signage. It is the best to communicate immediately with the student body in an affordable and efficient manner. Educational institutions from all across the globe have been installing digital signage in their premises. They use it to provide timely information to students and teachers.

With the use of digital signage, there’s no need to hang posters or any other handmade signs in the hallways. Communicating with the use of posters and handmade signs is impractical, time-consuming, and waste of paper. More often than not, signs and posters are torn or ripped down. As a result, school administrators have to face students who are upset because they were not able to read the important announcement.

While no school or university is the same, the use and benefits of digital signage applies to all of them. It provides an information network that allows administrators to reach out easily to students, teachers, and other members of the community.

When thinking of implementing digital signage in your school or university, it is important to determine the needs of the audience. Audio, video, interactivity and other features can play a vital role, but it is important to find out if they are beneficial to the student body and the faculty in the long term.

Below are the usages and benefits of digital signage for schools and universities:

Digital Signage for Schools and Universities: school information board


Digital signage can serve as a clock. By installing screens instead of clocks, schools can maximise the space and at the same time ensure that the time is correct all the time. The data comes from a central server, and the digital clocks will display the same time.

Announcements and Event Promotions

Digital signage in universities and schools can be used to show event listings and other announcements. Updates about dances, extracurricular and sports activities, charitable events, and job fairs can be broadcasted on the digital signs. This will help improve the attendance to the events.

Class Room Changes

It is now easier to inform students about changes in class room assignments. Students can learn about the changes in real time. They will not waste time looking for the right class room. And because class room change announcements can be made in real time, late minute changes can be made known to affected parties.

Teacher Absences

Students can find out if their teacher is absent through the digital signage monitor. There’s no need to send out a messenger in order to tell the students that their teacher is not around.

New Intranet Solution for Internal Communication

Digital signage provides interconnectivity within the campus. It connects the student lounges, lobbies, building entrances, libraries, and cafeterias. Not only that, multiple campuses can have shared content through the intranet network. It makes managing information simple and convenient. Information can be coordinated so that it will be displayed at the right time and on specific locations.

Provide Separate Network for Private Communications among Teachers

A private network can be assigned to teachers only, and the information will only be displayed inside the teachers’ coffee or waiting room. This is where memos will be sent, as well as other important matters that should only be read by teachers.


Safety is the number one priority of any educational institution. The digital signage can be integrated with an emergency alert system that will help notify students, teachers, and visitors of emergencies that include electrical outages and the weather. The digital signs can provide instructions of what students and teachers should do so that they will stay safe during emergency situations.


Digital signage can also be used as an advertising tool. Schools can partner with brands and products that can be beneficial to students. Administrators can control the content of the ads, as well as the products that they offer. The digital signs can be used to advertise events at the box office, specials at the cafeteria, or tutoring services within the area.

Improve Recruitment

Potential students are always visiting universities. One way to make a good impression is through the use of digital signage. The digital signs can display welcome notices, personalised greetings, or announcement for the guests. These will make the guests feel at home and might sway them to enrol in the university.

Cost Effective Solution

The school can save in paper and printing, as well as the manpower in hanging up posters across the campus. It can also help drive sales for fundraising events. By drawing the attention of the student body and faculty to school events, it can improve the attendance to charity events. A digital donor wall can also be utilised to encourage parents and alumni to donate to the school.

Lunch Menus

Digital signage can be used inside the cafeteria to display the menu. Not only that, other information can also be shown alongside the menu that includes nutritional data of the dishes. This will make students become more conscious of what they are eating. The health information can also make students buy healthier meals instead of burgers and pizzas.

Maps to the Campus

Another use of digital signage is for way finding. The digital sign can serve as building directories that can be useful to new students and visitors. It is much better than using static maps posted on the walls of the hallway.

Where to Place Digital Signage?

Digital signage should be installed in areas with the highest foot traffic. The school will get the most out of the investment when they are installed in lobbies, hallways, and other common areas frequented by students.

The digital signage must be placed at eye level so that it can be seen and interacted with ease. However, the eye level height varies on the height of the audience. It is important to determine the average height of the students so that you can determine how to mount the displays.

Whether you choose to place them in the libraries, cafeterias, administrative buildings, or student centres, digital signage will transform the atmosphere of the campus. Plus, it is the most efficient way of getting the word out inside the campus.

Digital Signage for Schools and Universities: school events screen

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