I’m so fortunate to have stumbled upon DataPoint offered by PresentationPoint.

My problem was that I needed to create a product sales catalog where prices and products offered change seasonally.  This information was best organized in a spreadsheet in Excel.  My catalog is required to be designed in PowerPoint due to PowerPoint’s Notes Page option which is instrumental in what we do internally as a company.

My problem was merging information from Excel into PowerPoint.  In the past this tedious task was done manually, cell by cell, but with the amazing features of DataPoint I have literally, without exaggeration, saved 3-5 days’ worth of work (depending on job)!!

Not only can you create a dynamic document/presentation, but you can create a “Snapshot” which is like a completed mail merge in Word where you can edit individual pages.  All formatting is consistent with the Template you create and all images are transferred as well.    I have to repeat…images transfer as well…

I had a difficult time finding a program that does that!  There are other programs out there, which I have tested, but none compare to the user friendliness and output of DataPoint.

I must also mention that I have never experienced such dedicated customer service.  The response time is unparalleled and they go above and beyond to help you.

I give DataPoint a full 5 stars!

Christina Hamlin

Graphic Designer, CMH Marketing & Design

Next time use DataPoint to save time on your presentations

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