People in western countries spend up to 12 hours per day looking at screens. As I write this article, I’ve easily spent 36 hours over the past three days either staring at my computer screen, television screen, phone. Screens have undeniably become a massive part of our lives. Of course, by now, we’re well aware of the health risks associated with prolonged screen time, but there are also some massive benefits to humanity.

We are connected now, in a way that we could never be before. We are now TRULY becoming a global community. From the advent of the internet, the experts have been saying this. Until the coming of age of on-screen communication, this was merely a cool talking point. To become a GLOBAL community, one has to feel like they’re at home, no matter where in the world they are. So then, what is home? Home is where your people are. If you can communicate to your people, wherever you are in the world, in a seamless way, then clearly home is anywhere.

business communication in offices via screens

Historically, on-screen communication has been clunky at best. With grainy picture, and terrible sound, conversations were awkward. With so much lag, it still seemed like we were worlds apart. Thankfully, apps like Zoom have come along at precisely the right time.

At the time of writing this article, the globe is still in the throes of the COVID-19 pandemic. I, personally, have had to make many changes in life. I went from commuting to the office, having lunch with colleagues—to working from my house, communicating face-to-face with no one except family for months on end. Apps like Zoom have been an absolute godsend. Not only can I have conversations just like before—but we can play games, sing songs, party, cheers our drinks, and dance. Of course, I would never say that it’s exactly as it was before the pandemic. However, the ability to stay connected via on-screen communication has meant there has been little to no slow down in my personal and familial relationships.

screens are changing the way we communicate

Having been nothing but a tool for businesses to communicate with their employees or clients prior to the pandemic, Zoom is now a household name. This proves that not only are we communicating via screens now more than ever before, but we are actively seeking out ways to do so.

Human beings are social animals. We can be kept in cages (lockdown), but we’ll always find ways to communicate. This most basic need is now increasingly being met by on-screen meetings, calls, and parties. With over 300 million users worldwide, apps like zoom are becoming Facebook-like in their nature. Even your grandma is using it. Hey, that reminds me, I need to call my grandma!

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