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Making presentations in PowerPoint can be very interesting, especially because it involves playing with charts, graphics and other visuals. It can be boring to write a speech, especially if you are required to do research and pull out some stats. So generally speaking, the part when you need to present your research in a presentation is quite challenging.

PowerPoint is the best tool to use to create presentations, it’s very simple and straightforward.  After a few shots, you will be able to make a presentation on your own. There are a lot of useful PowerPoint tips you can find, as well as guides for every option available in PowerPoint. When you learn advance PowerPoint skills, your presentations will be even better.

These Tricks Will Save You Time

However, making presentations doesn’t have to be time consuming. There are certain tricks you can use to spend less time working on presentations. Sometimes your deadline will be tight or you will have too many tasks on your plate. In the times like this, you can create presentations quicker than usual.

  • Use PowerPoint themes with already created templates/layouts. There is a wide range of categories, for almost every purpose
  • Find PowerPoint presentations/ templates online and use them like a starting point. When you embellish it with your content, change color, the position or the order of the slides, the presentation will look unique.
  • Repurpose your old presentations

If you choose the second or the third suggestion, it may happen that you need to deal with a presentation in PDF form. Why is that so?

Well, when you search for PowerPoint templates online, you will see that there are usually both versions available for download: .ppt(x) or (pdf). The problem can arise if the .ppt version of the template does not correspond to the version of your computer or MS Office package. As a result, the presentation you downloaded doesn’t look the same on your computer.

With that in mind, it is better to download PDF slides instead, because PDF files don’t change the content layout. You can easily convert PDF slides to PPT and edit the data.
The same goes with old presentations. If you didn’t save the working edition (in .ppt), and you have only a PDF format of it, you need to do the same thing- convert PDF to PPT.

How to Convert PDF Slides back to PPT?

You can use this PDF tool to convert PDF documents. The tool is web-based, free, and it converts both native and scanned PDFs to PowerPoint.

It is a three-step process: upload a file, leave your email and start the conversion.
You can expect the converted file in a few moments, depending how busy are the servers and how big is your file.

Now the only thing left to do is to open the converted file and reuse your presentation.

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