Here is Chantal Bossé’s excellent presentation on the PowerPoint Zoom feature from our Presentation Ideas Online Conference 2018.

Ever dreamed of being able to adapt your presentation content to your audience’s needs? Or skip some content altogether because you were told your talk needs to be 15 minutes shorter? This session will show you exactly how to create presentations to address these situations with the help of the Zoom feature in PowerPoint. You will learn how to create the Summary Zoom, Section Zoom and Slide Zoom, and how you can use them to increase audience interaction and satisfaction.

About Chantal

From a “blending into the décor” type of kid, Chantal Bossé became a biochemistry student having to prepare and deliver a seminar to get her diploma – Yikes! Little did she know that would eventually become her process to help people with their public speaking and presentations.

Through her unusual career path – from lab technician to creating CHABOS in 2004 to share her passion for visual communications – she understood how communications were important at all levels of our lives.

Since then, Chantal became a TEDx speaker coach since 2012 and Microsoft PowerPoint MVP since 2013. As a presentation & visual communication leader, she spends her time between writing, training, coaching and designing for her clients and speakers.

In May 2018, she launched the Women In Public Speaking Podcast to help empower and inspire more women to embrace public speaking and up their game while taking the stage. Chantal and her business partner help public speakers and business people master the steps required to become impactful and sought-after presenters and leaders: (1) Find a compelling story, (2) Refine the message, and (3) Design clear and impactful visuals.

This formula empowers their clients to deliver their talks in a memorable and authentic way… and even get a standing ovation! Story to message, design to delivery, and equipment and event coordination, they help their clients achieve success and transformation with their audience.

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