Imagine if very important visitors to your office or facility see large welcome screens all over your facility welcoming their visit and using their name. People love to see their name featured prominently- it makes them feel welcome and important. Welcome screens like this are easy to set up with our free PowerPoint welcome screen templates.
Welcome screens are not only a great ego boost for your visitor, welcome screen templates are also a great way to inform and remind your staff of important visitors arriving that day. This ensures that your company or organization is presenting it’s best face to your visitors.

The welcome screen templates can easily be connected to a central data source using DataPoint. With DataPoint, you can include the visitor’s name, company and even picture on the welcome screen. When you make a change in the central data source, it will go out to all the welcome screens on your network.

Click here to download the free PowerPoint welcome screen templates. Do you have questions about welcome screens or any of the other ways our software can be used? Contact us and we would be happy to help.

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