Why use PowerPoint?

With more people using their laptops, tablets and smartphones to work these days, it has become relatively easy to create PowerPoint presentations. After exploding onto the scene in a blaze of glory in early 2000, PowerPoint Digital Signage Solution is now firmly established as the best way to create presentations. In simple terms, Digital Signage is the use of electronic displays to show television programming, menus, information, advertising and other messages. These displays can be found in both public and private environments such as retail stores, hotels, restaurants, corporate buildings, educational institutes, offices, public areas and the like. A simple PowerPoint signage solution will typically consist of a LCD, LED or Plasma display attached by cable to a small computer that has MS Office software like MS PowerPoint. This web based digital signage solution sends PowerPoint presentations to displays as and when required. Why has this made such waves in the presentation industry? This is remarkably different from previous digital signage solutions because it is designed to be user friendly and easy to use.

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Why PowerPoint Digital Signage is So Important

Did you know that 87% of the customers consulting an audio-visual company, is using PowerPoint already to illustrate what they need? It may interest you to know that 70% of AV professionals use PowerPoint in creating presentations. Aren’t you curious about the percentage of conversion when users create presentations using power point? Well, it’s nearly three times higher than when users use other signage software. It’s a fact that 67% of non-professionals are more likely to use PowerPoint to create presentations than other signage solutions. Unlike the good old days when PowerPoint was accessed only from a PC, nowadays, all kind of gadgets are being used to run PowerPoint. From tablets to smartphones, from laptops to net books, all types of devices are being used to create PowerPoint presentations easily. The solution works by allowing users upload presentations and send them to configured displays. A presentation sent to a display seamlessly replaces any currently showing presentation so from the viewer’s perspective there is no visual interruption.

Reasons Why You Need PowerPoint Digital Signage

digital advertising screen created in powerpointIt is Cheap

It is virtually free because PowerPoint is probably already installed on your computer. There is no need to learn new software. You can use any computer with a Microsoft Operating System.

Easy to Use

You don’t need to be a tech expert to use a PowerPoint signage solution. It is relatively easy to use. You can change texts in case of mistakes or updates. There is an instant playing of content. There is no need to render software like a video. A slide per message or product that you have to display. Presentations can be played back instantly as slideshow or if needed, you can export the presentation to a static video.

Suitable for Contents other than Text

You can display rich multimedia: pictures, videos, texts, smart art texts, charting. PowerPoint content is static content, but PresentationPoint has PowerPoint add-ons to display a clock, to insert live news, or weather conditions and forecasts. You can even display messages and appointments from your calendars. Also you can add great animations and slide transitions. You can schedule and automatically distribute presentation playlists with our iPoint software, to local or remote computers at your shops. You even get live thumbnails or previews of what is displayed on your remote computer.

We use PowerPoint because everyone has it, and everyone can use it. So why don’t you switch to using PowerPoint signage solutions today?  Good luck!

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