PresentationPoint is an official gold partner of the Presentation Summit being held in San Antonio, TX, USA from October 6 till 9, 2019. Come and visit us here for more information and news on our products.

Have you heard about the Presentation Summit? Four days, dozens of seminars, hands-on technical support, inspiring makeovers, lots of networking, and socializing until all hours of the night.

PresentationPoint will demo a completely new product there. It will be announced in September. PresentationPoint was already successful with its products before, but this new product will beat completely everything. This will become the most important product of PresentationPoint for sure! Normally all product names of PresentationPoint products end on Point, like DataPoint, iPoint, ShowPoint, MessagePoint etc. This new product will break up with this tradition. It will not be ending with Point at all, even no Point reference will be in there. More breathtaking information coming up soon. One more thing that we can share for now: we abbreviated this secret project internally as ST.

Presentation Summit
Presentation Summit

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