Here is a recording of Richard Goring’s fantastic “Cool New PowerPoint Functions in Office 365” webinar he taught for our PresentationPoint audience.

In addition to his great teaching we caught on video, Richard has also generously provided us with a pdf summary that provides detailed instructions on many of the techniques he showed us. You can download the pdf here.

An Office 365 subscription means that PowerPoint gets updates and new features frequently, which can give your presentations a huge boost, including 3D models, screen recording, icons, maps, live subtitles, and of course, use the terrific new Morph transition to do completely astounding things. In this masterclass, you’ll see all the amazing things you can now do with PowerPoint to bring your presentations, eLearning, and other content to life, by telling visual stories in an engaging and interactive way.

Richard is a Director at BrightCarbon, the specialist presentation and eLearning agency. He has helped to write and create thousands of presentations, and coached hundreds of teams to present more effectively using visuals, diagrams, and animated sequences that explain and reinforce the key points, which is supported by plenty of resources and tips at

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