Microsoft has announced that they are going to add some new features in their one of the most popular and commonly used products, PowerPoint. PowerPoint was first released on April 20, 1987, and was initially available for Mac. Later on, it was acquired by Microsoft for USD 14 million, and the acquisition happened after three months of its release. After quite some time, It became an integral component of the Microsoft Office suite.

It was developed to design and provide visual presentations and graphics for business presentations, but with time it has been utilized in other fields. Right now, PowerPoint is available on several platforms and devices, including Mac, Android, iOS, etc.

In the recent announcement made by Microsoft, apart from the existing features in PowerPoint, which is now a part of Microsoft Office, some new features have been added in PowerPoint 2021. The new features include changing the reading order for more accessibility and recording the presenter videos. Let us look at the newly added features of Microsoft PowerPoint 2021.

Reading Sequence for Screen Readers

To help visually impaired people read more comfortably, Microsoft has introduced a screen reading sequence. Normally people with visual impairment use screen readers to read and understand the content. If the slides of the presentation are arranged logically using the screen readers, these users can understand the content more efficiently.

Office 2021 and PowerPoint 2021

Record Slideshow

With this new feature, if you record a slideshow presentation, the video of the presenter will also be recorded. In addition, the ink and laser points will also be recorded. Although to record a PowerPoint presentation, webcam, microphone, speakers and sound card will be needed. After completing the recordings, you can either save it as a slideshow, or you can save it as a presentation.

Rehash Ink Strokes

Another new feature of PowerPoint 2021 is that ink strokes can be replayed after drawing. This feature will be really helpful for illustrating. Furthermore, there is an option to pause and start from where you want to begin the replay. This new replay option can be found on the draw tab.

Stock Videos

Microsoft Office products, including PowerPoint, will have access to Microsoft cloud’s store of stock icons, videos, images, illustrations, stickers, etc.

Overall, these new options can help people perform more efficiently using the new PowerPoint tools, as it has been added to enhance the performance and creativity of the users.

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