We have added a new section to our website for documentation and manuals. In the old days, we were shipping manuals as PDF documents along with the setups. But we found out that we quickly added more features to our products without documenting it properly. So we had to look for a new way to document new features and screenshots more easily.

As of now, we stop updating the old PDF documents and move on to online documentation at our main website. You will find a new menu option named Documentation at the top menu.

When you click on that documentation link, then you arrive at a new page with 2 sections.

At the left we have some general documentation on how to activate and deactivate licenses, location of log files and more. The section at the right has a manual for every product PresentationPoint is delivering.

Click to open the manual of your choice. A new page will open. You will find a search bar at the top to quickly search for a given keyword. Below the search bar, you will find a table of content. Choose your topic and you will be redirect to that specific area of the manual where everything is explained in detail.

At the right you will find the full documentation sequentially. Notice the 2 icons at the top. The left one is to download a PDF version of this manual and the second icon is to print this manual.

We will keep this information up to date and you will be able to suggest changes to the text. Much fun with reading all the information.

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