How to Merge PowerPoint presentations into one big presentation

I have multiple PowerPoint created and they have DataPoint connections. I want to merge them together into one.

How can I merge them together and keep all my DataPoint connections?

I don’t want to re-connect manually. Is there a way?


With static presentations, you can open one presentation and import the slides from the other presentations. But sometimes, you have to merge a large number of presentations, every day, and that is probably a boring job that you would like to automate.

With dynamic presentations created by our DataPoint add-on, there is an extra problem. With DataPoint you can set up connections to data sources and then use those data sources at various shapes of your slides. The information of the data connections, are stored at presentation level, while the linking of shapes to those data connections are written or added to the shapes. So when you simply import or copy over slides from one presentation to the other, you are copying the slides and the shapes, but you are missing the data linking information that way. 

For those people, we have a small and free tool to merge multiple presentations into one big presentation, by just running an executable.

Place all presentations that you want to merge into one folder. Copy in our free PPMergePresentations.exe here too.

Now, you can run the PPMergePresentations.exe program by double-clicking the application.  This will start the merging process. It will create a new presentation in this same folder here and name it consolidated.pptx.

For DataPoint-enabled presentations, this will copy the connection information as well and take care of the proper shapes linking after the import.

Once that all presentations are processed, a pop up message will be shown.

You will find the newly merged presentation called consolidated.pptx in your folder.  If this presentation was existing before, it would have been deleted first.

Sometimes this tool is handy for your company when you have different departments and different people inputting information on their powerpoint.  Then, if you want to show all the presentations on a television in your office or factory, then you can get the best results with one and merged presentation.  Our iPoint product is great to schedule, distribute and launch the slideshow on remote locations.

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