In this article, we will explore how a live Twitter feed can help your business.

Twitter has over 330 million active users who send over 500 million tweets a day. Twitter provides businesses an opportunity to engage in real-time with their users.

Your live Twitter feed is a continually updating snapshot of how people interact with your brand and products. You can adjust your feed by using hashtags or keywords to fine tune what shows up in your feed.

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Places to Show A Live Twitter Feed

  1. Live Events – perhaps the most powerful place to show your feed is at a live event. A live event brings together a large number of people, each with thousands of Twitter followers you can reach.
  2. Retail Space – If you have a store, coffee shop or restaurant, you can show your feed to your patrons, encouraging them to also share a tweet with their followers.
  3. Lobby/Waiting Room – With a lobby or waiting room, you have a captive audience. Showing them your live feed encourages them to share their own experience and interact with other Twitter users.
  4. Internal Network – using our MessagePoint software, you can show live Twitter feeds on every computer in your organization whenever the computer user isn’t actively working on their computer.


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Benefits of Showing a Live Twitter Feed

Here are some of the benefits to your business of showing your feed.

  1. Greater audience engagement – they are’t just at the event, they are talking about it with their social networks
  2. Audience engages with each other
  3. Live stream encourages people to tweet now – when people see how many other people are tweeting, they want to be active as well
  4. More visibility for your event – each Tweet by attendees is seen by thousands of their followers
  5. Event attendees are more excited – seeing other’s excited tweets is contagious
  6. Brand and product recognition on social media – your brand and product names trend upward as there are more social media posts about them
  7. Entetrtainment – audience is entertained by reading other’s tweet

Live Twitter Feed Tools

You can easily set up a live Twitter feed by using our DataPoint tool. Once set up, the feed will update in real time with no further work or attention from you.

Here is an article we put together on creating a Twitter Wall with step by step instructions for setting up your feed.

Need help connecting your presentation or digital signage to Twitter? Contact us and we would be happy to help.

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