MasterBrand is a cabinet manufacturing company headquartered in Jasper, Indiana in the United States with over 20 manufacturing locations in smaller towns across the US and Canada.

Their products are carried by over 9,000 dealers in North America.

MasterBrand uses iPoint to display general company information as well as weather, local/national news, and more specific plant information concerning work schedules and defects.

They use DataPoint to provide current information for weather, news as well as to set up KPI reporting screens with total cabinet defects, specific defects and other department-specific information which is either pulled from the Internet or from SQL databases.

Here is a screenshot of one of MasterBrand’s KPI reporting dashboards.

KPI Reporting: MasterBrand
And here is a picture showing MasterBrand’s KPI reporting monitor on their factory floor showing local news and time.
KPI reporting monitor at MasterBrand
Want help setting up your own KPI reporting dashboards? Contact us and we would be happy to help.

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