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7 Ways To Create Highly Versatile Non Linear Presentations

So you learned PowerPoint so well you could do it backwards? Well why does every presentation start at the beginning and slog inexorably forwards one slide at a time towards the end?

In this webinar you’ll discover how to create presentations which are highly versatile, able to be adapted on the fly in response to your audience’s needs. By creating presentations which give you full control over the way your information is packaged and delivered you’ll be able to ensure that every presentation is slick, relevant, targeted and professional. Create presentations that work more like social media feeds, adapted to the needs and interests of your audience, rather than grey handbooks meant for slogging through in a tired old way. Linear presentations are so 20th century. Learn how to present, rather than show, how to deliver rather than tell.

About Justin Arnold

Justin Arnold is an IT & Computer Science teacher with 25 years’ classroom teaching experience, as well as many years’ experience delivering training to teachers in schools and trainee teachers, including making more effective use of technology for learning. For the past 11 years he has been delivering training tutorials through YouTube, with his channel having over 26,700 subscribers and 150,000 monthly views. He is both a Google Certified Educator (Level 2) and a Microsoft Certified Educator.

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