In this video and article, we explore how you can use your existing computer network for inter office communication using push notifications and by controlling your network’s login screens, wallpaper and screensavers.

Inter Office Communication: The Problem

Current office communication systems have a number of problems. It is difficult to communicate key information to your team in a timely fashion and messages get lost or ignored in email inboxes.

The Solution

The solution is to turn your computer network into a company-wide broadcasting system. You can do this using PowerPoint and our MessagePoint tool.

MessagePoint adds the following tools for inter office communication:

  • Push notifications
  • Wallpaper
  • Screensavers
  • Login Image

What kind of content can you share?

With MessagePoint, you can share anything you can create in PowerPoint. This includes:

Milestones and achievements

Celebrate your company’s success. If you have reached important customer, sales, or profitability thresholds, you can ensure everyone knows about these important metrics.

Human resource notices

Your human resource department can create messages such as:

  • Welcome to new employees
  • Safety notices
  • Policy changes
  • Employee benefit updates
  • Privacy reminders

Meeting notices

Send a push notification to your meeting attendees 15 minutes or so ahead of the meeting to remind everyone to be on time.


You can show videos relating to safety, company news, inspirational stories or any other video you think is important for your employees to view.

Public relations messages

Is your company or it’s products gaining some media attention – good or bad? You can use your inter office communication network to make sure your company’s PR department response is known to all employees and caution employees against talking to media – asking them to refer reporters and questions to your PR department instead.

Social updates

Is it someone’s birthday? Or is there an office picnic, party, or other social event coming up? These are great, fun messages to add to your playlist.

Inter Office Communication Can Include Remote Workers

When you use MessagePoint, your remote workers will be included in all communications you choose for their department. So they won’t feel left out of important company information.

Central Management of Inter Office Communications

Using our MessagePoint Enterprise Edition, you can create content playlists based on internal channels or departments. This means your marketing department can receive different messages than your warehouse employees or your HR department. This lets you create custom messages for each group to make your messaging more relevant.

What Do Clients Say?

MessagePoint is the rare software that is powerful, extremely easy to use, and seamlessly blends into our workflow. It has helped keep our whole team on track with our messaging and up to date. The software is also supported by a professional and very responsive support team. Would highly recommend MessagePoint for any team. “

– P Pazmino, owner, New World LLC

Questions about how to use MessagePoint or MessagePoint Enterprise for inter office communications? Contact us.

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