Want to increase sales from each client who enters your store? Try in-store media.

What is In-Store Media?

In-store media is simply media like text, graphics and videos that are shown on computer monitors or TVs to customers while they browse a retail store. This kind of in store advertising can be used by department stores, supermarkets, specialty stores or any other kind of retail store.

in-store media - food advertising

Why is In-Store Media Powerful?

In-store media is powerful because it reaches your customer at the perfect time – when they are already in your store, ready to buy your products.

Unlike standard printed signs, media can include video, audio and moving graphics. This movement draws the eye and engages multiple senses – visual and audio. If you watch people passing TV screens in retail stores, coffee shops, airports or any other public area, you will see people automatically looking at the TV screens. It’s like they can’t look away.

Uses for In-Store Media

There are hundreds of uses for in-store media in your retail environment. Here are just a few.

  1. Cooking Demonstrations In Food Stores – Let’s face it. Raw ingredients for food are kind of boring and, in the case of meat, yucky looking.  A cooking video showing how to cook a certain dish gives customers meal ideas and will greatly increase demand for the ingredients in the video. You can even couple this with a printed recipe card or QR code recipe so people can take home the recipe.
  2. Product Demonstrations – There isn’t much room on product boxes to show how the can product be used. In-store media is fantastic for demonstrating these products. Here are a few examples:
    1. Demonstrating kitchen gadgets
    2. Showing how hand or power tools can be used on DIY projects
    3. Showing toys in action
    4. Showcasing creative art projects made with the products in the store.
    5. Showing clothing on models in motion
  3. Special Events and Holidays – In the retail environment, there is usually a holiday or retail season coming up soon such as Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day, Halloween and Christmas. Your in-store media can suggest the perfect gift or accessories for the occasion.
  4. Event Countdowns – Use an automatic countdown timer to countdown the shopping days until special events like Mother’s Day or Christmas. Or you can countdown the hours and minutes to an in-store special event such as a demonstration or fashion show.
  5. Sale Items – Highlight your in-store sales on your media screens to increase visibility of major sales items.
  6. Weather Changes – Is it raining? Promote umbrellas, hats and rain gear. About to snow? Promote coats, mittens, boots, snow shovels and sidewalk ice melt. Summer finally arrived? Promote sunglasses, swimsuits, beach umbrellas and sun screen. In-store media lets you quickly adapt your promotions based on daily or hourly weather changes. You can even automate your promotions based on weather temperature.
  7. Entertaining Children – if your store has a children’s area, you can use TV screens to keep them entertained while their parents shop.
in-store media for children

Tools To Set Up In-Store Media

Here are some tools that make it easy to set up in-store advertising:

  1. PowerPoint: Easy to use tool to design your advertising screens
  2. iPoint: Controls scheduling of your advertising, including the ability to have each screen in your store show a different playlist. For example, the screen in the grocery department can show cooking videos and food specials while the hardware department screen can show tool demos and tool sale items.
  3. DataPoint: PowerPoint add-in to automatically update the data such as pricing, pictures and ads across all your screens. Change date in a single place and have the price, description, picture or other change automatically roll out to all your stores and screens within seconds.
  4. Dynamic Elements: PowerPoint add-in to add news, weather and time elements to your media. Use for countdown timers or to highlight weather changes to promote appropriate clothing and accessories.
  5. In-Store Food Advertising Templates: We created these free in-store templates to make it easy to advertise food specials in your store. Each template can be edited to add your own pictures, pricing and ad text.

Do you have questions or need help setting up your in-store media? Contact us and we would be happy to help.

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