We call this video “from Porsche to NASA: a day in our sales department”. This video isn’t about fast machines although Porsche has very fast machines and NASA’s are even faster, rather this was a day that our sales department told us about where they were contacted by four different world-renowned organizations all in the same day.

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In the morning our sales department talked with Porsche and American Express. Then in the afternoon, they talked with Pfizer, a major pharmaceutical company and NASA.

  • With Porsche one of the people working with Porsche uses DataPoint as an important part of compiling their monthly reports
  • American Express was checking us out to see about using our software for their teams reporting processes
  • Pfizer was looking into software to share real-time updates with their colleagues
  • NASA wanted to show their newest pictures of Mars on four different 40-plus inch monitors

So overall, a very cool amazing day. Did we make every sale?

No. We’re very good at helping our customers and our prospects but like any sales organization, not every connection results in a sale.

Was it a typical day?

No. We do have a lot of well-known companies that work with us but we don’t have four companies of this stature contact us in a single day like that on a regular basis which is why we thought we’d share we’d share it with you.

We do have over 10,000 clients many of whom are very well known and world-leading companies and you can see some of their logos here. We are fortunate to work with some of the leading organizations of the world and we’re very proud that they have found our software to be of use to them.

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