Fathers have a life-long influence on our lives. Fathers Day is a time to celebrate the love and influence of our fathers. We have developed these Father’s Day PowerPoint templates to help you celebrate Fathers everywhere.


Free Father's Day PowerPoint template countdown to Father's day 2


These templates can be used for:

  • Father’s Day PowerPoint presentations
  • Father’s Day digital signage
  • Father’s Day screensavers

There are 10 templates in total, 2 counting down the days until Fathers Day and 8 background Father’s Day templates. The templates are adjustable, so you can change the date to match the date that Father’s day is celebrated in your country.

You can use these templates as a Fathers Day screensaver using MessagePoint. The Countdown timer can be set up using Dynamic Time.

Download these free Father’s Day PowerPoint templates here.  We LOVE pictures. Send us pictures of how you use these templates.


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