end-of-slide-show-click-to-exitPowerPoint shows a complete black slide with at the top the text End of slide show, click to Exit in white. When a normal sales or product presentation is showing this message, this means that the presentation is over, and that you can get a coffee.

But not for digital signage purposes, or at places where you use Microsoft PowerPoint to show continuous information to its viewers. In some cases you use a dedicated computer monitor or television screen to show advertising, announcements, KPI’s, new colleagues at the company, safety instructions and more.

For those cases, your slide show should be repeated over and over, and never have to stop. Now, when you have a new computer and you installed Microsoft PowerPoint for the first time, then you might run into the problem that your digital notice board is aborted after the first run. This is because by default, Microsoft PowerPoint displays this message after the last slide of your presentation.

To turn that off, start Microsoft PowerPoint. Click File and then Options.

click file options

This will open the Options form of PowerPoint. At the left menu, click the Advanced option.


A large list of options opens. Then, scroll down to the Slide Show group.


There is an option called End with black slide, which is active by default. Uncheck that option here.

uncheck option end with black slide

Click OK to close this form and start the slide show to run continuously. Note this option is a setting of PowerPoint, not of the current presentation. So from now on, for the computer and for this user that is logged on, the user will not see that end with black slide for all presentations.

Loop Continuously Slide Show

A final setting for your presentations to run continuously or repeating over and over, is in the slide show menu. Click Slide Show in your PowerPoint menu, and then click Set Up Slide Show.

set slide show to run continuously

Optimize PowerPoint for Information Screens 3At the next form, you set the Show Type to Browsed at a Kiosk (full screen) and click OK.

When you now start your slide show on your information screen, it will run continuously, without stopping the presentation.



Learn more about using PowerPoint as information board: 9 Ways to Optimize PowerPoint for Information Screens

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