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Wow3D is a software that converts a PowerPoint into an interactive 3Dpresentation and a video in one click from the PowerPoint interface.

It allows companies to differentiate themselves during events and key business meetings and ensures a “wow” effect within seconds of a presentation while not changing any of the processes or legacy content in place (since it is based on PowerPoint).

Visually, here are the type of 3d presentations and videos that can/have been produced automatically from slides:

And an example of 3d presentation that could be used in the luxury industry or for a high-end product launch:

(note these are videos but the end result is interactive as shown in

With Wow3D, PowerPoint slides are automatically laid out in a 3D universe in a matter of instant, regardless of the number of slides and their content. The user can decide the characteristics of the conversion from a very simple UI coming inside a PowerPoint tab.  The software runs on a logic of templates which are customizable 3D PowerPoint ready universes. On top of the templates present in the library and the customization interface, the user can build new universes on tools such Max or Maya or order them from the Wow3D team.

Beyond bringing the slides in 3D universes, Wow3D smartly uses PowerPoint information (colors, texts, shapes…) in order to turn a 2D elements of a slide in 3D elements. Bar charts, pie charts, and all kind of 3D shapes are thus accessible in a click and all within the PowerPoint interface.

Wow3D exists in 2 versions:

A cloud version, who is accessible on

And A desktop PC version.

The difference between the two versions is that the desktop version converts slides at a faster rate, and allows to keep all your content on your local machine.

The result of the conversion is a shareable 3D HTML-compatible interactive presentation that can be read on-line as well as off-line (for client meetings where no internet access is available). It can be posted on social media, embedded in a web page, sent by email and allows to communicate in a very different way.

In addition, a video can be generated by Wow3D, again in one click. This can be used to produce very rapidly animated content from slides (to populate a YouTube channel without having to resort every time to graphic designers) or for instance to generate a tradeshow video at low cost.

Wow3D is reinventing the presentation genre so that people can differentiate themselves and wow their audience regardless of their technical skills. Today, corporations are using PowerPoint to exchange ideas internally, communicate with the outside world, convince prospect and even make reporting… Even if PowerPoint provides very advanced animation capabilities including some 3d, they are out of reach of most users for time or expertise reasons. At the same time, the users want to differentiate themselves and show that they are “special” They are searching for an easy to use tool, that will make them look different in the eyes of their audience and Wow3D is a very good answer to that.

As Samse, a publicly-traded DYI retailer in France, using the desktop version for their financial analyst presentations, says “The tool’s PPT interface allows us to stay in a software we know and convert quickly to a 3d presentation at the end of the process, with the added benefit of more varied and impacting animations”. 

Use case do not include matter-off-factual weekly reports Powerpoint but anything where you need to capture your audience attention: president strategy presentation, big events, sales pitch…

Beyond good coding, there are also interesting science justifying the impact of Wow3D. As former preys to animals, our brain is naturally attracted by motion, especially its onset (Abrams & Christ, Univ.Washington 2003) This motion is typically brought by Wow3D in 3D transitions spread at key moments of the presentation. In addition, neuroscience refers to a so-called “PSE”: Picture Superiority Effect, which everyone of us resorts to naturally when we insert images in our PowerPoints to capture more attention (cf Paivio “Mental representations: A dual-coding approach”). We remember more images than words and the 3D settings provided by Wow3D can precisely contribute to the storytelling: the presentation happens in a new headquarter, over a 3D map, a globe, inside a factory a plane or any other elements that the company focuses on…

In terms of price, Wow3D cloud version is free, and different premium options are available to provide company-specific templates, Powerpoint animation import, training and support…

The company developing Wow3D is currently set in New-York, Paris, and Dubai. The founders have an established track-record in the 3D graphics industry, they want to bring “3D for all”, providing 80% of what they used to supply to large enterprise, and televisions via the cloud at 5% or less of the cost, slashing production time and the need for trained specialists. They called themselves in our discussion the “Pixars of the 3d PowerPoint” which tells a bit of their ambition on this topic.

Among Wow3D clients are EY, HP, Dassault Systèmes, and they won a start-up competition held at a Publicis group event among 50 global start-up contenders on how to present differently. Many interesting customer examples can be found under (medical industry, sales pitch in 3d…).

Contacts and more information can be found by clicking on

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