Screens are our most powerful way to get information. Daily we use our TV’s, computer monitors, tablets and smart phones to work, communicate, play, and shop. Our eyes are automatically, hypnotically drawn to digital signs. We have learned to ignore print advertising and signs, but TV screens and monitors provide movement and changes that draw the eye back even when we are trying to ignore them – we are riveted. Watch people as they walk by a TV or computer monitor with a moving image – they can’t help but look. A man having coffee with a beautiful woman will continually look away from her to see the football game or sports scores on the TV monitor in the coffee shop…

Powerful, Affordable Digital Signage Software For YOUR Retail Environment

Our easy to use, affordable PresentationPoint software turns ANY computer screen or television into a high impact multimedia advertising, news, information and announcement system. Here is what this means for the retail environment.

  1. More value for the merchants – digital signs will direct mall shoppers to their specials and events
  2. Create additional revenue streams – the merchants will clamor to have their ads featured on the digital signage
  3. Control – the user can control ads based on time of day, season or even where the screen is located
  4. Reporting – our software provides detailed reports the user can share with the merchants

Television screens and monitor prices have dropped dramatically over the last few years so a digital signage system is very affordable to set up. Nearly any single, modern Windows based computer can be used to run the software – no need for multiple computers or expensive servers.

Preferred Choice Of Many Fortune 500 Companies

PresentationPoint’s iPont is the digital signage software of choice for many well-known international and Fortune 500 companies such as:

list of our customers
PresentationPoint’s iPoint digital signage software is used in shopping malls, retail stores, large corporations, universities, museums, financial companies and many others.

Easy To Use Because It Works With Common Formats Like Powerpoint™

PresentationPoint is extremely easy to use because it works with a tool nearly every office already uses (Microsoft PowerPoint™) as well as the common video and graphic formats the computer already understands. The user will simply use the player software to play a “playlist” of any PowerPoint, graphics, video and music files that the user wants to show. PresentationPoint will handle the following file formats – the user can mix and match them.

  • Microsoft PowerPoint files
  • Graphic Ads (JPEG, PNG, GIF or BMP)
  • Video (AVI, MPEG, DivX, etc.)
  • Flash
  • Music (MP3, WMA)

What Can You Use PresentationPoint For?

ANYTHING that the user can show on a computer screen or television can be added to a playlist. Our clients have used our software for

  • video commercials
  • graphic advertising
  • news tickers
  • public announcements
  • background music
  • schedules and events
  • restaurant menus and much, much more

The possibilities are endless…

High Impact Marketing Where the user Need It Most

Connect with people where they are to direct them to nearby stores. The user can do this by:

  • Putting ads with directional arrows on them to direct shoppers to nearby stores
  • Display food ads near the food court

Time Your Messages For Maximum Impact

Our software even lets the user time the messages and playlists for time of day, day of the week or for holidays. Here are some examples

  • Special holiday ads like Valentine gift ideas
  • Pub ads during sporting events to get people to watch the game in the pub
  • Coffee and danish ads during coffee break time
  • Youth oriented ads after school lets out
  • Special event ads leading up to events like fashion shows or concerts

Free Software Trial And Assistance

All of our software comes with a 15 day Free Trial so that the user can fully test it or contact us to get help choosing the best solution for the own environment.

DIY Digital Signage Software for You

Get In Touch.

If you are interested in working with our products and solutions, or just having a question or suggestion, send us an inquiry and we will get back to you as soon as we can!

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