You are running an advertising system or digital signage system for your customers or you have a shop and you show commercials of your vendors. Then they will ask for proof of play. You can provide this proof by setting up digital signage advertising tracking.

They create the content or videos for your screens and they (hopefully) pay you for this service, or you get other benefits. Then it is your obligation to proof that their videos and commercials were played in your store. Otherwise their investment made no sense.

Our great Digital Signage software called iPoint has this all! If you want to explore more what our iPoint solution can do, read this.

Digital signage advertising tracking - playback evidence with logging in the scheduler
Use the iPoint scheduler application and open the player properties of the digital signage screens where you want to activate this proof of play logging.
activate playback evidence

Turning on Digital Signage Advertising Tracking

At the Playlists group, set the LogUsage option to True and save the properties.

As of now, the player will send proof of play information back to the iPoint server. The server process will store the information in the usage database. Typically, this database is available at C:\ProgramData\PresentationPoint\iPoint Enterprise edition\Usage.mdb on the iPoint server machine.

click usage reporting button
When you want to review the usage information, click the Usage button of the Reporting tab of our Scheduler application.
playback evidence for export and reporting
Check the players that you want to collect the proof of play information from. Optionally, you can change the period by updating the Start and End dates. Then click the Retrieve button to get the data.
playback evidence raw log
You get a raw data listing of each event per player. You can now export the information to a file and import this data in your reporting environment for further calculations if needed.

We hope you have enjoyed our digital signage advertising article. If you have questions, please contact us.

Digital Signage Advertising Tracking data with iPoint

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