DataPoint is a software solution that can create real-time connections to any data source. It can extract data from a different sources and use them to present information in the form of infographics, charts, or graphs on your slides. This is a way of simplifying the information, which makes it easy to read, understand, and ensures better visualization. Furthermore, DataPoint can be used to generate information for digital signage systems, create live reports, and generate key performance index (KPI), amongst others. Visually appealing contents have the potential to engage people better; therefore, DataPoint is used to transform information to have a better look and feel.

The Switch to a Subscription-based Model

Business dynamic is rapidly changing as a result of the client’s requirement. People want convenience and cost-saving approaches which have ensured most organization adopts the subscription-based model. We adopted a license-based model for our software product for many years. However, we have come to embrace the subscription-based model because of the benefit it offers, like simplicity and cost-saving. The subscription-based model has been the standard for software subscription for years, and it’s also the future. It has a lot of advantages for both sides of the pond as the client benefit, and the organization also benefit from the model. It has the potential of retaining customers due to its flexibility and convenience, and it simplifies a lot of business processes. Our switch to the subscription-based model does not affect your old licenses, and they would continue to run until the end of their life circle.

Here are some of the reasons for the switch to a subscription-based model.


The subscription-based model offers simplicity for clients. It simplifies the payment process and makes it super easy for both customers and the organization. The business does not have to solicit orders, and the clients do not have to make repeated purchases every month if they opt for the annual plan. The time and efforts required to solicit orders are eliminated, thereby saving time and cost, which would be channeled to benefit the customers. The clients know the payable amount in advance, which can help them make an informed decision and plan their budget accordingly.

Higher Customer Retention

With a fluid subscription-based model, PresentationPoint can retain most of its clients consistently. Retention enables us to get a better understanding of the client’s needs and help us solve their queries better. Since the scope of value addition stays throughout the customer lifecycle, the organization gets consistent opportunities in growing its revenue as well.

Business Consistency

The subscription-based model helps in anticipating supply and demand with ease, which ensures we achieve consistency. Business consistency cannot be overstated. Customers want the same product or an improvement to remain. Consistency develops a good subscription routine and builds momentum over time. The subscription model also enables us to manage inventory seamlessly and plan in advance.

Marketing Opportunities

A subscription model would allow PresentationPoint to carry out effective marketing campaigns and engage our clients for better service delivery. E-mail campaigns ensure cross-selling and upselling opportunities. Marketing would enable us to know customer behaviors and preferences, which would aid us in re-strategizing for better product delivery.

Lower Cost

The subscription-based plan for DataPoint is cheaper for the customers and more pocket-friendly. The friction caused as a result of heavy commitment is eliminated for the customer. This goes a long way in customer retention, which positively impacts the organizational bottom line. The lower prices can be further spread out, and you can subscribe for a monthly plan at $29, or you opt for a discounted annual subscription at $249. Making a longer subscription offers you the cheapest option, and you get to save as much as $99. We also have other services that run on a subscription-based model such as weather API, license for data access, etc.

Why DataPoint

DataPoint lets you automatically generate a report which is time and cost-saving when done manually. It gathers information by scanning through different data sources to display information in the form of slides, graphs, infographics, and lots more. Furthermore, you can run a notice board on different kinds of screens and display dynamic/engaging content. Aside from spreadsheet and PowerPoint, DataPoint can connect to other data sources such as XML file, RSS feed, Facebook info, news, weather, Google Calendar, Google Sheets, JSON, OData, Microsoft SharePoint, OLE DB, and ODBC. That’s not all, during a presentation, it can allow you to link objects such as text boxes, tables, or charts to the data sources in real-time, which would give your presentation better validity. It also updates presentations with the latest information and uses rules to enhance or emphasize pieces of information.

So that is why we now have version 3.0 of DataPoint ready for you. You can continue to use the old licenses that you have, if you want. We still support that version for the next couple of years.

And lastly, DataPoint 3.0 works with any version of PowerPoint unlike before. You are also guaranteed of future enchantment and investment. So DataPoint 3.0 currently supports Microsoft Office 2010, 2013, 2016, 2019 and Office 365.

Final Notes

Businesses are rapidly evolving, and the highly digital technological society wants flexibility and convenience. Data is also getting bigger, and manual information gathering is a major problem for today’s dynamic business world. So, there is a need to employ technologies to achieve speed and accuracy when gathering data.

DataPoint gathers information from different data sources and displays them in various formats for better visualization. It can also be used to update presentations in real-time. The subscription model has been the bedrock of many organizations as a result of its flexibility, cost-effectiveness, and dynamic system. With a subscription-based model, our clients can pay for a DataPoint subscription on a monthly or annual basis, and in return, they get a product that exceeds their expectations. Switching to a subscription-based model offers our customers business consistency, cheaper rates, and flexibility. We aim to improve customer retention and brand loyalty with our new pricing model.

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