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Your First Steps


Start Microsoft PowerPoint and you will see a new option in your PowerPoint ribbon.


TickerPoint runs a text ticker over all slides of a presentation or slide show. Therefor, the ticker definition takes place on the slide master of a presentation.  To enter the slide master, click the View (1) item of the menu, and then click the Slide Master button (2).


Click the TickerPoint option of the PowerPoint menu, select a slide on the left in the slide layout pane. Then, insert and select a text box.


Set the data source of the ticker. For your first sample, select the RSS feed.


Enter the URL of the RSS feed that you want to show and check the refresh rate.


Check the column that you want to display in the ticker.  For RSS news, mostly the Title column is chosen.


Optionally, you can set a filter to filter out some data that you don’t want to show. We will skip this for now.


Finally, all titles of the RSS articles are concatenated to a larger string and placed in the text box.  As of now, the content of this text box is dynamically linked to the RSS feed.


You can now add more slides to your presentation and finally run the slide show. When the slide show starts, the latest RSS articles are read from the URL and displayed as a ticker on top of all your slides.

In case of new or updated articles at the URL, the next ticker run will show the updated information.

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