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Your First Steps

Start Microsoft PowerPoint and click Insert. You will find a new BreakPoint group in your ribbon.

insert breakpoint shape

Click to insert one of the BreakPoint shapes. A new text box shape is added to your slide. 

breakpoint shape inserted

Select your inserted BreakPoint shape and a new BreakPoint option will be visible in the menu.

open breakpoint menu

Change the BreakPoint shape properties. Here for the countdown timer, you can set a number of seconds to wait before starting, and then it counts down the number of minutes and seconds.

set breakpoint properties

Run your slide show and when PowerPoint reaches a slide with BreakPoint shapes, then here your countdown timer will be started automatically, and counts down to 00:00.

breakpoint slide


Next to a countdown, you can use BreakPoint to show a real-time calendar and clock. As well as weather information: weather icon and the current weather. Or, why not use our quotes database, and insert a random quote of your chosen category?



Free software? What is the catch you might ask? With this software, we want to demonstrate the power of PowerPoint plugins in general, and more specifically the dynamic features that we add to PowerPoint.

BreakPoint was created to empower your meeting breaks and personal presentations. Our company PresentationPoint has other software and is specialized to display real-time information on screens, worldwide. This should be seen like information screens like flight information at an airport, announcements at schools, KPIs in factories, etc, and are typically intended to run 24/7.

BreakPoint was invented to let you taste the power of dynamic information in PowerPoint, but limited in time. Sufficient for your meeting presentations, but too short to run 24/7. For that reason, we limit the functionality of BreakPoint and stop the slide show after 12 hours. After that time, we find it reasonable to end your meetings, and go home. Feel free to upgrade your BreakPoint to our other plugins to run your information screens.

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