Streamline Your Digital Signage Management With iPoint From PresentationPoint

With the rise of technology came a movement away from the traditional paper-based advertisement. While it’s true that some companies still opt to communicate with their target audiences on paper, it’s also true that it’s an incredibly inefficient mode of communication, and one that becomes irrelevant quickly in our fast-paced modern society.

In the retail sector, especially, paper advertisements and communication just doesn’t cut it anymore. You have oceans of competition that didn’t really exist in our not so recent history. You don’t have the option of getting out of touch with your customer base anymore.

And so came the move toward digital signage — but that, too, comes with its own inconveniences.

And sometimes it’s more than just inconvenient — it’s downright chaotic to manage your own digital signage.

When you have digital signage to manage, schedule and keep track of, you face a whole series of potential issues. For one thing, most software solutions don’t allow you to check on your remote displays. That means that at any given time, you may not actually know what your signage looks like. And you have no way of knowing (short of getting in your car and taking a road trip to see for yourself).

It’s also all too difficult to change your digital signage, such that the benefit of digital signage falls by the wayside if something comes up that renders your sign irrelevant, obsolete or, in some cases, rendered in bad taste by recent events. Digital signage is supposed to help you keep up with the latest trends and respond to the needs of your target audience — but if you can’t adjust your signage in real-time, you really need a solution that works for you!

Plus, if you display something that you then want to print off and add to your brand literature, then you had better be ready to pay out a pretty penny to make it so. Companies will charge you an arm and a leg just to adjust formatting, and that’s before the cost of printing comes into play.

But modern problems require modern solutions — and that’s what iPoint brings to the table.

iPoint by PresentationPoint is a unique and groundbreaking solution that makes managing your digital signage a breeze.

With a user-friendly dashboard on any Windows computer, you can access and monitor any sign in your digital signage network anywhere in the world at any given time.

You even receive an alert if any of your signs are down so you can take action the moment an issue arises.

iPoint makes it easy for you to designate the media that you want your target audience to see — the way digital signage should work when it’s working at its best.

The playlist function on your dashboard provides a quick and simple solution to create your displays. Put together your own multimedia playlist with photos, videos, music and more to keep your audience engaged.

Set your signage according to location with iPoint.

Even if your digital signage network spans a broad area across multiple regions, you can set your digital signage according to the individual need.

So if you have one display on the west coast that you want to display beach-related information, but you have one in the Midwest where beach information is not relevant at all, then you can customize each display according to location.

There are no other digital signage solutions like iPoint, but those that try to come close are expensive. Customized software solutions will run you a huge cut of your monthly budget, and you usually will have to use a combination of hardware and software just to try to accomplish the same thing that iPoint does.

Your signage should be localized and relevant — and with iPoint, it can be.

Skip the expensive hardware

But this solution is different. There are no customized solutions, no expensive operating systems, no hoops to jump through. iPoint runs on any Windows computer or PC — and it’s a one-time cost to get up and running, with no monthly fees!

Well, it’s not, but you can find out for yourself. Get in touch to start your free trial and see for yourself how easy it is to manage your digital signage. Try it out today!

Sounds too good to be true?

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