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Add video to your PowerPoint presentations
One click gives you total control!

Make Video Your Superpower

The world is motion – videos are everywhere. Except easily in PowerPoint presentations – until now!
VideoPoint lets you put video right into your ppt presentations with just a click.
Webcams, wired cameras, TV broadcasts, anything you want – easily embedded into your presentations.

make video your superpower
be a dynamic presenter with powerpoint and videopoint cameras

Be a Dynamic Presenter

Everyone uses PowerPoint for their presentations, but so often, it’s all static slides with text and images.

Using VideoPoint, you can instantly embed a video, record a video, and even change the background with just a few clicks.

Make your ppt presentations POP with the dynamic power of video!

Any Camera

You’re able to use VideoPoint to link to any camera.

Hook up your DSLR.
Use your laptop’s webcam.
Link to any IP camera, like a security video.
Add in a TV presentation.

Inserting video is simple, fast, and requires no technical knowledge!

any camera to connect to powerpoint

The Advantages

VideoPoint is the world’s easiest and fastest way to embed videos into your PowerPoint presentations.

using videos from webcams and cameras in powerpoint

Part of PowerPoint

VideoPoint simply adds a new option right into your PowerPoint program. No new program to learn.

As Many as You Need

Insert as many videos as you want in a single PowerPoint slide, moving and resizing easily.

Any Camera

Smoothly link to any camera, recorded video, or online video feed. Stop struggling to add motion.

How it works

VideoPoint works right inside of PowerPoint, making it simple to add videos.

  1. Create a presentation in PowerPoint.
  2. Click the VideoPoint tab.
  3. Insert a green screen shape anywhere you want it.
  4. Choose your video source.
  5. Use the chroma key to replace the background to anything you want.
  6. Overlay text on the video to add even more information.

This is the ideal way to make yourself part of the presentation, add in important information, and much more.

VideoPoint will make your PowerPoint presentations much more interesting and impactful.

how does videopoint works within powerpoint

Who is VideoPoint for?


Create a presentation for your product or service. Include yourself as a live guide!

sales person using presentation and webcam for a call
teacher using computer presentation and webcam for education

Teachers and Instructors

Including videos in your PowerPoint lesson presentations will add an eye-catching, dynamic feature that brings your instructions to life!

Change Your Background

Changing the green screen behind you can an interesting element. Teach your students about space with stars and planets behind you. Tell your customers about your products with an image of your factory.

replace green screen with background image
creative presentation and slide design in powerpoint

You Have Total Control

You’re able to control the output size, which slides it appears on (or all of them), the position, and so much more. Video becomes your superpower in your presentation.

Add Online Meetings

You can add your Zoom, Skype, or WebEx call as well. Because it’s a livestream, you can’t control the image from the call, but you can add a meeting wherever it’s appropriate.

ideal for sharing in online meetings
remote learning is better and powerpoint is ideal

Remote Learning is Better!

Using video in your PowerPoint presentations will draw your student’s eyes, whether they’re children or adults, to your presentation. Never lose your students to boredom ever again! Show them videos whenever you want – or include yourself in the presentation as if you were right in the room with them!

VideoPoint is the fastest, easiest way to add video to your PowerPoint presentations – seamlessly and without any programming knowledge.

some of the customers and companies using PresentationPoint software

"Humans are incredibly visual and powerful, moving images help us find meaning… [and] video helps capture and contextualize the world around us."

– Dan Patterson, “What Makes an Online Video Worth Sharing?”

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