Digital Signage Computers

Using a Computer

Our digital signage software iPoint is running on players or computers that are running the Windows operating system. We have set up a nice checklist for digital signage using a computer for you.


Intel Compute Stick

The first computer is the Intel compute stick. Probably the smallest computer in his kind. It is very small but the main advantage is that you can plug it in directly into the TV’s HDMI slot. No cables needed, except for the power cable. Runs Windows 10 Home, WIFI and is ideal to run the iPoint player software component. Price is around $150, so very cost-effective.


Other Considerations

And there are some other computers that we came across for digital signage. These models are still on our list for reviewing.

AOPEN: Media Players
Intel: NUC Mini PCS
Lenovo: ThinkCentre M Series Tiny Desktop
NexCom: SDM Player
Shuttle: XPC Desktops

Any Other Computer

And of course, you can use any other computer with a Windows operating system for your digital signage computers. That is the advantage of using Windows; you have plenty of brands and models that you can choose from. 

Just continue to use your current computer vendor, brand or shop. Or why not use an older written-off computer for your signage?!

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