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MessagePoint 4.0 Standard edition

EUR 36 / year

Turn your organization’s computer network into an organization-wide broadcasting system.

One license to use MessagePoint on a computer. MessagePoint installs itself as a screensaver on your Windows computer, next to the existing screensavers.

With MessagePoint you select a simple Microsoft PowerPoint presentation that will be played as a slideshow when the screen saver becomes active on your computer, after the set idle time. So whenever a person comes back to their computer after it has become idle, they will see the messages you have prepared.

You can show advertising or promotions within your shop or information, instructions, company news and new employee welcomes at your office instead of meaningless bubbles flying on your screen.

Enhance your company’s communication by using messages in a PowerPoint presentation. Do you have an update on your slides? Just open the presentation and make changes to your existing slides, or add a new message to a new slide. Save the presentation and you are ready. No need to convert it to something else than the normal PPTX file format.  When you are working with multiple computers or colleagues or shops, then save the presentation to a network share and let MessagePoint synchronize the presentation from there.

To change the number of licenses to match the number of computer screens you want to turn into a broadcasting system, just increase the number in the grey box.

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