MessagePoint 4.0 Enterprise edition

EUR 60 / year

Communicate better with your whole staff using wallpapers, notifications, and screen savers!

This is a centralized tool to set up a communication channel or department in your organization. Assign users to a channel, and then send screen saver content, background images and options, lock screen images, and instant text notifications.

Per-channel, you add upload a PowerPoint presentation that will convert automatically to images and videos in various qualities. This presentation or video can be used to playback as a screen saver when a computer is idle. Screen saver communication is great to inform viewers about company news, announcements, and promotion of people, retirements, anniversaries, important project milestones, sales info, and anything else.

Also, you can manage the computer’s background options. You can choose to push out a single background image to all team members. Or set the wallpaper to a specific color. Or even play a slideshow of pictures on the wallpaper.

Why not set the same picture as a lock screen image for all team members?
Or send important messages as instant and catching text notifications on every desktop. Mail messages get lost but with this option, everyone will see your important announcement.
Interesting volume discounts are available when buying for larger organizations. Contact us.

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