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If you have any reason to present information, you probably know how time-consuming it can be to manually update all of your reports into a concise, presentable format in time to show your progress.

PowerPoint Presentation

Many working professionals across a vast variety of fields have to give regular progress reports weekly or even daily. Of course one of the best and most widely used tools out there for this purpose is the powerful Microsoft PowerPoint program. When it comes to presenting your updated progress, nothing beats PowerPoint for its ability to combine clear information in multiple formats and in a way that is accessible and relevant to your entire audience.

Always PowerPoint Presentation !!!

But if you have to give regular reports using PowerPoint, then that means every time you show your progress you have to spend all that time, sometimes hours, updating each individual slide with the most recent information. Slide by slide, you manually enter information pulled from your other resources.


Plenty of opportunity for error !!!

Not only is that an incredibly time-consuming task, but it also opens up plenty of opportunity for error — you’re pulling from so many different data points, so many different sources of information and putting them together across multiple slides, it’s all too easy to miss a piece of updated information or make an entry error in the process.

So what if you didn’t have to manually update your PowerPoint information at all?

You’ve already done the work to keep your measurements accurate and up-to-date. Why should you have to enter the same information twice in order to present it to a specific audience?

Well, turns out you don’t

What DataPoint is?

DataPoint, an add-on tool to PowerPoint, presents a powerful solution designed specifically to integrate your multiple data points with PowerPoint so that your presentation stays up to date at all times and ready to present at the drop of a hat.

No matter how many different reference points you use to create your PowerPoint presentation, DataPoint makes it possible for you to integrate all of your information into any format. Whether you use a text-heavy presentation rife with live links, a series of charts and graphs to consolidate information into an audience-friendly format, or a healthy mix of both, DataPoint enables you to link any entry in PowerPoint to almost any source of information, including:


Microsoft products.

Excel, Outlook, SharePoint and more — link any information from a Microsoft product to your PowerPoint presentation and watch your slide update itself in real-time any time you make a change to the linked data point!


Internet-based file types

From any Google suite tool to any data point within the Yahoo platform and anything in between, DataPoint helps you make the most of the information already at your fingertips to update your PowerPoint slides effortlessly.


And much, much more!

Social media platforms, databases and data file types, even manufacturing-specific software — DataPoint seamlessly integrates all of your data with your PowerPoint presentation without the hassle.

This incredible tool can’t be beat when it comes time to present your updated information without pulling long hours just to update your PowerPoint slides.

DataPoint is both powerful and versatile in its use as a result of its integrative capacity. Due to its ability to sync and communicate with myriad different files types, data points and internet resources, DataPoint provides a unique solution to PowerPoint users that facilitates a customized approach.

Members of operation management can report on production figures quickly, accurately and without wasting time in the office updating PowerPoint before the meeting.

Sales team members can easily provide accurate reports and uphold accountability measures by linking their presentations to sales statistics and tracking tools

Management can keep staff members’ tasks delegated appropriately by using PowerPoint with DataPoint as a scheduling or allocation tool.

And so much more. Really, anyone who is in a position to provide regularly updated reports can save so much time and effort, streamline information sharing and guarantee the accuracy of their reports using the unparalleled DataPoint tool.

Not convinced DataPoint is right for you?

Right now this incredible add-on tool is available for a 15-day free trial.

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