1.Introduction #

Our software can easily be installed by executing the setups that we supply. Run the setup.exe with admin privileges and our setup program will guide you thru the installation process.

But sometimes people need to install our software in a special way, typically in a silent or automated way where IT departments push out software to desktops by using special installation and remote management software tools.

This article is intended for them to perform a special installation of our PresentationPoint software.

2.Extract MSI File #

Normally we deliver a setup executable file.  For our DataPoint Standard edition for PowerPoint 2016, we have for example our DP16STD.exe. This setup program will guide you thru the installation process.

If you need to customize the installation process, then, first, extract the typical MSI (Microsoft Installer file) from this setup EXE.

Open a command prompt tool and navigate to the folder where you have the setup saved. Then use a command like this:

DP16STD.exe /extract “C:\install”

And hit Enter.

This will extract the setup EXE file and write all files into the C:\install folder.

This will produce a DP16STD.msi file that you need to use to customize your further customized installation.

3.Silent Installation #

Now you can customize the installation process as you want. An MSI file is a normal setup installation file for Windows computers and therefore you will use the msiexec command and its configuration parameters.

You can use something like:

msiexec /package DP16STD.msi /passive /forcerestart /update /v /log “C:\install\datapoint-install-log.txt”

For more installation parameters, check out the Microsoft msiexec documentation.

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