The number of businesses using, digital signage screens to share information has expanded over the years. Administrators of restaurants, departure terminals, schools, colleges, and hospitals have adopted digital signage for a more effective method of disseminating information. The information they share is received with ease by guest or visitors upon arrival.

Digital signage is an electronic display that shows menus, information’s, advertising and other forms of messages. It uses modern technologies like LED, LCD, or a plasma display. It can be used to display images, short videos, and words.

Upgrading to using digital signage will help your organization advertise their special offers to the public at a glimpse. It will also help to rid the boredom of your customers in the waiting room, by keeping them distracted with eye-catching adverts on display. The use of digital signage has expanded all over the globe; you may just be the only one left out.

Using the Traditional Chalkboard for information exchange

This method of communicating information is cheaper than digital signage. Here, you only need a board, chalks, a frame, and a writer. This is the easiest setup, especially if you have a restaurant.

Using this method would require a writer with calligraphic strength and talent to deliver a presentable menu for display. Notwithstanding, having to re-write now and then would be stressful for the writer, and may likely be inconsistent. You must be very careful, so your menu doesn’t appear sloppy or illegible.

Life, in general, is evolving, we need to move with the change. Every business needs to speed up with time. The era for digital signage is here to keep customers updated with the special offers available at a glimpse.

Businesses who still use chalkboard will fail to give their customers up-to-date information at a glance.

Why you should adopt the use of Digital Signage for your business

Clarity of your Information

chalkboard menu in restaurantWith digital signage, you don’t have to worry about the presentation of your information. Restaurants and others who still use the traditional chalkboard may have to bear the consequences of illegible writing. When your customers can’t see what’s on the chalkboard clearly, there would be a misinterpretation of information.


Consistency is key when you’re seeking to impress your customers. Digital signage displays information in uniformity. You wouldn’t expect that if you have your information or advert displayed on a chalkboard. 

Updates Information

You can update your menus and other information on display with ease at your convenience from your tablet or laptop. Imagine having to clean and re-write on your chalkboard each time you want to add new information.  Digital signage will save the time and money you invest whenever you need to add new information on display.

Standard Reputation

Having your information’s on display for the easy view will show an act of professionalism that speaks volumes for your company. Having to clean and re-write on a chalkboard at intervals would be so unprofessional and awkward.

Speed up sale

Display board for your sale option and food/drink menu would save time and speed up your sale process. It would help your customers to decide what they want to order before getting to the front of the line. Chalkboard writing is also informative, but won’t sell more, promote bundles or create awareness like in digital signage.

To keep your Customer Engaged

Your customers can feed their eyes on the menu board with the images and short video ads while they wait.  The presentation may contain catchy offers on display, but the chalkboard would be so unattractive and unappealing to the viewers.

Multiple Slides on one Display board

Digital signage allows you to show multiple slides on one board presentation. The use of tradition chalkboard will only permit one-page information. You would have to clean and re-write instead of the system automatically flipping to the next slide.


Digital signage is well packaged for multimedia presentation. It has slots for animation, colors, images, and videos. While the chalkboard is plain and unattractive.

Who will benefit from the Use of Digital Signage?

The basic need for every business is first to meet the need of its customers. If your customers are not satisfied, then there would be no patronage. And if there is no patronage, then there would be no sale and no profit. Simple!

The adoption and use of this digital signage are necessary to meet the needs of the customer. It means that you have the comfort of their customers in mind. When a customer can get whatever information they need on display, then there would be no need for questions?

Many restaurants and departure terminals have adopted the use of digital signage for their customer’s convenience. On arrival, you can easily look up the dashboard for direction without asking questions. Digital signage has always met the needs of their customers.

Benefits for the Business

The use of digital signage doesn’t only meet the needs of your customers, but also the needs of the business. It helps you deliver a professional service and achieve consistency in business.

If you’re running a restaurant, it is easy to update your customers with the latest dish or recipe they could try. New menus can be added to the slide without having to clean and re-write each time. It is also more convenient for you to dispatch information, as it is for your customer.


Every business that adopts the use of digital signage will increase the overall efficiency and income. It updates information very fast, and that will keep your customers always informed of new offers.

Digital signage has compelling digital graphics that is very attractive to its viewers. You can show more information on one board than you can on a chalkboard. You can never run out of new contents for display.

There is no limit to what you can have on display using digital signage. You can share your positive reviews and feedback from your customer with images on your digital screen. Or you can update your restaurant’s food menu.

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