Here is a recording Chantal Bossé’s presentation from our 2019 Presentation Ideas Conference.

Taking Advantage of Artificial Intelligence with PowerPoint O365

Few people realize that AI is also a part of their PowerPoint O365 tool. In this session we will see 3 features based on Microsoft’s Intelligent Services:

  1.  Design Ideas, to help you lay out images, bullets and timelines.
  2.  Translator, the translation tool that helps you translate text strings or whole presentations.
  3.  Live Captions, the feature that helps you create more accessible content for the visually impaired or make your content available in a second language “live”.

About Chantal Bossé

Chantal Bossé spent her childhood terrified by the word presentation. Needless to say, she was horrified to learn that, as a biochemistry student, she would have to prepare and deliver a seminar to get her diploma – Yikes! Little did she know that would eventually become her process to help people with their public speaking and presentations. Through her unusual career path – from biochemist to creating CHABOS in 2004 to share her passion for visual communications – she understood how communications were important at all levels of our lives. As a presentation & visual communication leader, TEDx speaker coach and Microsoft PowerPoint MVP, she helps public speakers and business people master a 5-step impactful presentations system to become impactful and sought-after presenters and leaders. She also hosts the Trilingual Podcaster where she and her guests share stories and tips to encourage people to embrace public speaking and up their game while taking the stage and with their visual tools. From story to message, design to delivery, and equipment & event coordination, CHABOS helps its clients achieve success and transformation with their audience.

Website • LinkedIn • Podcast
Twitter: @CHABOS

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