The Mexican Red Cross is a Private Assistance Institution, whose mission is to provide efficient care to the population in cases of emergency and in natural disaster situations, and to promote actions to get increasing about the capacity of persons and communities to overcome natural disasters, always with the impulse of voluntary action.

Cruz Roja Mexicana has for example more than 40,000 volunteers and more than 3,500 doctors and nurses at more than 550 basis in the country. Now the headquarters of the Mexican Red Cross organization is using our iPoint, or digital signage solution to welcome and instruct people.

The National SEDE of the Mexican Red Cross, has countless visits and through all the year, these visits could be people belonging to the institution, and people outside of it.

Raúl explains: “For the Mexican Red Cross, is very important to use the iPoint software. We are using iPoint on 6 screens and our Institution is able to inform to internal and external people, very important activities, such as:

  • News and events related to natural disasters
  • Request for help, donations, and canned food items in case of emergencies (emergency collection center)
  • Progress report about help programs and results (beneficiaries)
  • Information related to the Institutional Strategic Plan
  • Invitation to participate in voluntary activities
  • Internal announcements, events, and memorable dates
  • Health campaigns
  • Accident prevention tips
  • What to do in case of emergency?

With this software, we are able to keep our internal and external community informed and aware of the most relevant events, allowing us to be more efficient and get action immediately; always looking for the benefit of the population.” concludes Raúl.

Raúl Taboada

Information Technology Analyst, Mexican Red Cross

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