In April 2018 we celebrate 20 years of PresentationPoint.  In April 1998, a new company was grounded and named Take-off, with its main focus: projects around data delivery at airports.  After some years, we started to develop our DataPoint product for a more general public since we experienced that not only airports have information screens with flight data.

This brings us to a second reason to party.  This year, our flagship software tool DataPoint, is turning 15 years old. We started in the early days of digital signage, as the only vendor that used PowerPoint as a presentation engine, and we started to expand the normal (and static) PowerPoint functionality.  We created DataPoint as add-on for PowerPoint in 2003.

When we started in 1998, we had a website that was talking about airport projects and databases in general, as you can see on the screenshot here.

Below is the first website or page mentioning our DataPoint product.

At a later stage, around 2004, we realized that the company name Take-off was not representing our business anymore as we flew away from a sole-airport industry.  We changed our business name into PresentationPoint and started with a new website at a new domain name, as it is today.

Soon after DataPoint, we created our iPoint digital signage software package.  Those 2 products are the most important products for PresentationPoint at the moment.

Over all those years, we managed to get worldwide recognition and our products are now in use at more that 10,000 companies, in more than 130 countries.

Today we celebrate 20 years of PresentationPoint and 15 years of DataPoint.  And to celebrate this with us, we are giving a 20% discount on everything this month April.  Use coupon code PP20DP15 when ordering. The discount is valid for orders via our web-shop only.

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