I am looking into something to play a PowerPoint presentation on multiple screens from one computer.

I am looking into something to play a PowerPoint presentation on multiple screens from one computer.

We are currently using 3 static images on 3 screens and we want to replace this with a PowerPoint slideshow with animations.


That is a good move to replace your boring and simple images with a PowerPoint slideshow. Not only the images have the risk to burn in on your monitors, but you will also get more attention with a moving and flashing presentation. PowerPoint is ideal for that because you can easily drop text boxes and pictures on your slides and add some interesting and smooth animation into it.

It is normal to attach a screen to a computer. Some computers are equipped already with dual-monitor support. This means that there is an upgraded video graphic card on this computer. With such a computer, you can perfectly use this computer and show a PowerPoint slideshow on both screens. You can choose to duplicate the output of screen A to screen B. But more spectacular would be if you have different content for both screens.  Superb it becomes when a moving object or animation is floating over both screens.

Want more a waaaw-effect? Use more than 2 screens like what they call a video wall. 3 screens, 4 screens, 6 screens, 9 screens etc. are all possible. Here, you need to upgrade your video graphics card again. Need the output on 6 screens? Buy a video graphics card that supports 6 screens.  It is cheaper to use one computer and a special video graphics card than buying a computer per screen.  And another advantage is that the screens can work together; synchronized slides and synchronized global animations over all screens together.

Native PowerPoint is limited to run on one screen only. You can choose on what screen you want to run the slideshow. You need some special wall software from us like Dynamic Wall or iPoint to expand your PowerPoint for simultaneous use on multiple screens.

Next to this extra software, you need to adjust your slide size. To change your PowerPoint slide size, click Design, Slide size, Custom slide size… and you will see this form.

Note that the default widescreen slide size setting in PowerPoint measures 13.333 inch by 7.5 inch. Or the equivalent of 33.87 cm by 19.05 cm.

Imagine that you have a screen setup of 3 screens, horizontally positioned. Then we simple triple the width of 13.333 inch into 39.999 inch and hit OK. 

Your slide looks completely different now. Instead of the expected widescreen single slide, you will now have a slide size that has three times the size of a single widescreen slide. You can start creating your presentation now. Note that you are not restricted here on the use of animations.  An object flying in from right to left, will fly in over all your 3 screens when you run the slideshow.

Be assured that you get more attention (and thus more sales) with information screen or price lists on a video wall setup.

With this multi-monitor design now, here in PowerPoint, you can add slides to assist your visual story and message.

Set the slides to automatically advance to the next slide after n seconds (because no one is traditionally clicking to advance) and set the slide show type to kiosk-mode to let it run full screen and repetitively.

And here below you see the video of a PowerPoint slideshow, designed for 3 horizontal screens in landscape orientation. Can you imagine this artwork running on your video wall?

Download this free Video Wall PowerPoint presentation.

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