Digital signage is a modern method of displaying information and contents that are targeted at a particular niche kept in a public or private space. However, digital signage is not just a display screen. It comprises of the entire opponent that work together to generate an output which includes the screen, set of software for content management and presentation, cables, playback devices, remotes, internet connectivity systems and lots more.

Today they are used by a wide variety of industrial sectors. You see them at the airport, shopping malls, hospital, transportation/logistics companies, education and lots more. They are cost-efficient and eco-friendly, and they let you promote your business or pass on information’s such as weather, traffic, sports news and lots more, and it can also provide in-store entertainment for your customers. Digital signage needs a set of software to function and display dynamic and interactive contents.

One of them is the PowerPoint application. Although there are other traditional software and presentation tools used in displaying information in digital signage, however, PowerPoint offers the best presentation solution for digital signage.

What is PowerPoint?

Microsoft PowerPoint is a presentation application developed by Microsoft in 1987. The application can offer users different ways of displaying information on digital signage, such as simple presentation slides, complex presentation slides, and multimedia presentations. After the development of the Microsoft PowerPoint, it’s market share was very small, but its application in digital signings has drastically improved its market share. It was originally developed to provide slides within organizations, but today it has grown to be widely used in divers, industrial sectors and even in private use. Its use in digital signage has drastically improved over the years, and today PowerPoint is the number one solution in creating presentation slides for digital signage systems and or systems across the globe.

Let’s take a look at how PowerPoint can be used to display information for a digital signage:

  • PowerPoint can be used to deliver information for digital signage in slide show format
  • PowerPoint can be distributed as files for a private viewing for digital signage
  • Packaged for distribution on CD, playback devices or a network, including linked and embedded data for a digital signage
  • PowerPoint can be transmitted as a live broadcast presentation over the web for a digital signage
  • PowerPoint can be embedded in a web page or blog and transmitted to a digital signage
  • Shared on social networks such as Facebook or Twitter
  • PowerPoint can be set up as a self-running unattended display in digital signage systems
  • PowerPoint slides can be recorded as video/audio to be distributed for a digital signage

Advantages of PowerPoint for Digital Signage over Traditional Presentation Editors


With PowerPoint, you do not have to buy other forms of presentation tools and software. PowerPoint comes with Microsoft Office, which can be used to create, change, and update the content at no additional cost. Today there are a lot of traditional presentation tools and software’s that can cost you a lot. Some of them adopt a recurrent billing system which means you would spend more. The primary aim of every organization is cost-saving, so you should take advantage of PowerPoint as a presentation tool for your digital signage.


PowerPoint can allow you to inform your target audience with relevant content which can be easily updated. Use it to relay any format of information such as video, audio, text to internal and external parties such as your customers, visitors, or the general public. Traditional presentation editors do not cover most multimedia formats.

Ease of Use with its Drag & Drop feature

PowerPoint is globally used, and its popularity is largely driven by its ease of use. It’s by far easier to use for a digital signage presentation than traditional presentation software’s. It has features that let you simply drag and drop items and compute your information which can also be modified easily. PowerPoint is the market leader for digital presentation of information and the reference when people want to talk about anything presentation.


PowerPoint comes with feature-rich templates and themes that can enable you to adapt predefined styles for your presentation designs quickly. These templates and themes can be tweaked to meet your design needs rapidly.  You do not have to be a graphic designer to make beautiful and elegant designs for your presentation. Even if you are a graphic designer using the predefined theme and templates in PowerPoint would save you a lot of time and stress. This feature is not available with traditional presentation editors.


PowerPoint can effectively control your content from a central platform and update it with no more than a few clicks. With PowerPoint, collaboration is seamless as you can opt for cloud-based PowerPoint (Office 365), which can allow other team members to have access and update the file anywhere and anytime. These updates can be displayed on your digital signage screen in real-time, no matter the location and the number of digital signage displays you have.  PowerPoint is a proven technology that has existed for 31 solid years now. No traditional editor comes close to it in terms of longevity.


PowerPoint is loaded with a lot of engaging tools that can stream engaging contents to your audiences, such as games, videos, or interactive content, to create a memorable and entertaining experience. This is not possible with most traditional presentation editors.

Secure Presentations

Microsoft PowerPoint can enable you to add a digital signature to your presentation, which means a third party or unauthorized person can change or alter the content of your presentation. PowerPoint also has content control feature which would allow your team members to make changes to only designated portions of the presentation. This feature is not possible with traditional presentation editors.

Show your Point Visually

Instead of the traditional way of presenting your information, you can add voice notes, handwritten notes, videos, and other forms of graphics and multimedia to your PowerPoint presentation for digital signage display. PowerPoint slides can also be easily converted to video and viewed on digital signage systems.


Digital signage provides a daily flow of interactive, responsive, and user-friendly information. Without a presentation application, this would not be possible. PowerPoint is a tool that can let the digital signage system display dynamic, interactive, and robust contents easily. It comes with features that can allow the contents in a digital signage system to be controlled centrally as well.

You can simply create presentations over the cloud, which can be displayed in a digital signage system. This feature is particularly useful for the display of contents across multiple digital signage and also for collaboration.

PowerPoint offers digital signage systems an affordable but intelligent way of communicating attention-grabbing messages across.

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