In this case study, we look at how Neptune Terminals uses our DataPoint software to manage their meeting room schedule and communicate with employees. Click on the video below for the presentation or read on.

About You – Tell us a bit about your company or organization and what you do.

Neptune Terminals is a bulk shipping terminal located on the north shore of Burrard Inlet in the Port of Vancouver. We are a critical link in the supply chain that transports Canadian commodities to markets all over the world.

The Problem – Can you describe for us the problem you were trying to solve that led you to our software?

We were looking for a software with a user friendly interface and the ability of Datapoint to work with PowerPoint Slides fits perfectly with our needs. Also Presentation Point allow the users interact with the slides using our touchscreen displays.

Finding Us – How did you find PresentationPoint?

After a search and contacting multiple software vendors, we found PresentationPoint with a good reputation on Google.

Software Solution – Which of our software did you use to develop your solution?


Your Solution – Can you tell us how you solved the problem while using our software? What did our software let you do that you couldn’t before?

The ability to use the touchscreen , friendly interface and compatibility with all Microsoft Office products made PresentationPoint our main option.

Results – What are the results now that you have your system up and running?

Now we are able to display the meeting room schedule from Microsoft exchange calendar and company internal information using PowerPoint slides using Menu on the slides and videos.

Want to set up your own meeting room schedule software? Contact us.

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