Excel is a great place to collect, analyze and manipulate data. But at some point you need to create reports or present the data in front of your colleagues or a larger audience. At this point, you don’t want to exit your PowerPoint presentation to jump over to show your Excel spreadsheet. In this article you will lean how to insert an Excel spreadsheet into PowerPoint, so you have all the data you need right within your presentation plus you can tap the greater graphic and presentation capabilities of PowerPoint.

Step 1: Create Excel Spreadsheet

For the first step, just create  Excel spreadsheet as you normally would and save it on the hard drive. Here is an example spreadsheet we created to use during this tutorial.

Insert excel spreadsheet into powerpoint

Step 2: Insert Excel Spreadsheet into PowerPoint

Now that you have your spreadsheet saved, we need to insert the Excel spreadsheet into PowerPoint.  Create a new PowerPoint presentation or open a presentation that the user wants to insert the spreadsheet into.

Go to the slide to insert the spreadsheet into and choose [Insert], then [Object],  See the screenshot below.

nsert excel spreadsheet into powerpoint menu


Once the user has chosen to Insert Object, click on [Create from New] to create a new object from the existing spreadsheet and then browse to the hard drive to find the Excel spreadsheet that the user wants to insert. Choose and click [OK] twice. See the screenshot:

insert excel spreadsheet into powerpoint object


Once this is done, the user will have the spreadsheet successfully inserted into PowerPoint.

insert excel spreadsheet into powerpoint success

As the user can see, it is very easy to insert Excel spreadsheets into PowerPoint. This is much faster than creating tables and adding the numbers manually. Plus the inserted spreadsheet still contains all the working formulas so when the user change or update any numbers, the totals and other calculations automatically update.

Want your PowerPoint presentation to automatically update with new numbers when your Excel spreadsheet updates? See our Data Driven PowerPoint article.


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