Here is a digital signage case study about how an ice cream parlor, Two Scoop Steve in British Columbia, Canada, uses our software. 

Tell us a bit about your company or organization and what you do.

We are small Ice Cream Shop and Cafe located in the East Kootenay Region of British Columbia. We serve traditional hard ice cream as well as homemade soups, sandwiches, coffee, and lattes from May until September.

ice cream parlor digital signage

The Problem – Can you describe for us the problem you were trying to solve that led you to our software?

We have approximately 25 flavours of ice cream up at any given time from a selection of 80 or so and we use to use a old board with plastic sliding Ice Cream labels to display what flavours we had available to our customers. The sign was dated, couldn’t be seen, and cumbersome. When staff needed to change a flavour it took a considerable amount of time to find the right flavour label and manually slide it into the menu board. We wanted a digital system that we would be able to quickly drag, drop, and change flavors as they change over very quickly. We need an easy to use system that staff could easily use in order to clearly and quickly communicate our current ice cream selection to customers. We use a laptop in the store to control the active and inactive flavours and current flavours are then displayed on a large screen TV outside to our customers.

ice cream flavors database

How did you find PresentationPoint?

I searched for and contacted many digital signage companies and asked if such a system existed. I was told it did not. I then had idea that the system I want acts much like a flight schedule board. I Google searched airport signage and found PresentationPoint. I then sent an email and Kurt quickly let me know that I had come to the right place!!!! Finally!

Which of our software did you use to develop your solution?


Can you tell us how you solved the problem while using our software? What did our software let you do that you couldn’t before?

This software allows us to display and change all our current flavours of ice cream to our customers. Its done quickly, easily, and is displayed in very modern and professional way

two scoop Steve cafe digital signage

What are the results now that you have your system up and running?

Available flavours are always displayed. The old system the flavours wouldn’t be changed because it was old and cumbersome to find and replace the ice cream labels. This is completely avoided now. In 5 seconds the flavours are clearly displayed on the monitor to our customers.

ice cream digital signage

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