Looking for an inexpensive way to create your first digital signage? Try our free digital signage software, ShowPoint.

ShowPoint is a simple, yet powerful tool that lets you turn PowerPoint presentations into automatically running digital signage on TVs or computer monitors. ShowPoint runs on any Windows computer and monitor so there is no need to purchase special digital signage hardware.

Automatic Start

You can set ShowPoint to start automatically when the computer or compute stick controlling your digital signage starts so that your presentation or signage is active as soon as your computing device is running.

Remote Display

You can put your signage file on a network folder and it can be shown on any remote computer hooked to the internal network or via the Internet.

Scanning for Updates

ShowPoint automatically scans the computer or network folder you specify for updates to your presentation and shows ONLY the latest version. So even while the slide show is running, you can still add updates on the fly and know they will be active in a very short time.

Lost Connections

ShowPoint copies your presentation on your network onto the local computer hard drive so that if you lose your Internet or network connection, your presentation is not affected and continues to run.

Other Useful Resources and Examples

  1. Real Life Example: Here is an example of how a local radio studio uses ShowPoint to broadcast visually for its online streaming channel.
  2. Auto Login: Here is a “how-to” article on how to use our free Windows Auto Login tool and ShowPoint to auto start your slide shows. Great for information kiosks and digital signage.
  3. Optimizing PowerPoint for Information Screens: In-depth article on how to set up PowerPoint for broadcasting on digital signage and information screens.

Free Digital Signage Software Download

You can download Our Showpoint free digital signage software here.


Do More

If you need more features, such as scheduling or showing different presentations on different monitors in multiple locations, consider our more fully-featured iPoint digital signage software.

Or try out our SignageTube digital signage in the cloud.

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