With this message we would like to announce a change of behavior of our Digital Signage iPoint product.

iPoint is great in displaying PowerPoint presentations in your digital signage playlists next to images and videos. Previously in iPoint, each PowerPoint presentation was opened before the slide show and closed when the slide show had finished.

Now, with the latest iPoint code change, we will keep all PowerPoint presentations open during the same playlist. We will not close the presentations as they will remain loaded in the PowerPoint environment. Only when the playlist has ended, or interrupted by a playlist with a higher priority then, the currently opened presentations are closed.

The big advantage of this new logic, is that switching between the PowerPoint slide shows is now much faster than before. With this change we will try to continuously enhance our products and look for improvements.

In case you face a problem with our iPoint product and you think that you have an improvement, then let us know!

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