Creating reports and data presentations out of scratch can be a hefty task and requires lots of research. The process begins with the collection of most updated numbers and stats found in the internet or any other source and then operation to sort out those data begins. But to complete only these first two steps things can become pretty much overwhelming because of the complexity associated with the whole operation. But what if you come across a software that can make your work easier than ever before? Yes, you heard it right, with the help of DataPoint, things like PowerPoint generation have become everyone’s cup of tea.

DataPoint enables its users to perform more intricately than any other software of similar kind. Gathering and merging data has become more efficient with the help of DataPoint software. Whoever creates presentations regularly knows the pain of constantly updating the PowerPoint data whenever the slideshow is being used for work. Moreover you have to think about and change the way to address your presentation before the different audiences wah and every time. But DataPoint lets you skip all of these processes and directly lets you settle with PowerPoint generation.

powerpoint using datapoint for powerpoint generation

How can DataPoint benefit you while helping in the creation of slideshows

If you want to create individual reports, presentations and mail-merge them to different individuals then PowerPoint is the best tool for your use. You can send individual reports and presentations in the best and cheapest possible way if you use Microsoft PowerPoint but you will be needing a certain combination to add with the product and that is by merging DataPoint with Microsoft PowerPoint as a combined system. The DataPoint add-on enables your presentations to directly link with the data sources. The highly surprising fact about DataPoint is that through this software you can connect every shape, text boxes, images, charts, tables with data sources and updates of data will also happen automatically without your interference.

The data in your presentation will always be updated in real-time and you won’t have to wait for your colleagues to collect and provide you with the latest information only to copy and paste it in your presentation. After linking your presentation with the data sources all you have to do is open your presentation and there won’t be anymore typos while you screen the slideshow in front of your audience.

Different ways to link the data sources with your PowerPoint Generation

There are several different ways through which you can generate optimized PowerPoint presentations without putting too much effort into your side. Let us discuss the different methods to utilize the Microsoft PowerPoint software and find out the ways of PowerPoint Generation.

Linking the slides with data sources and letting them fill in automatically

As mentioned before, using DataPoint, you can link the slideshows with the 25 data sources that come with the DataPoint software. After you are done connecting the slideshow with multiple data sources, you can also link individual components of the slide such as tick boxes, text boxes, shapes, charts, tables, etc. you can also activate the data scrolling option which is offered by DataPoint. With the help of data scrolling, more updates and data will be updated, and more slides will be produced whenever the data source gets linked with the PowerPoint.

Moreover, when selecting the sources, DataPoint will share with the user a glimpse of the data charts and reports while using the DataPoint. Even while using visual objects in slideshows, the data cell will be linked with data sources to provide correct information and make your overall presentation more impactful.

Considering one big presentation or report

If you are making one big report with lots of data, tables, charts and images, then DataPoint can extensively help you with all that. Suppose you are making a presentation or report on the names and sales information of medicines. With the help of DataPoint, you can showcase at least 9 slides full of specific details related to the medicine and other functionalities for visualization. That means there will at least be 90 slides in total (9 slides for each and every medicine).

While creating a pdf document

A great feature of PowerPoint is that it can perfectly emphasize your message with great animations, and simultaneously, it is easy to edit. Sometimes people prefer using pdf documents rather than displaying the report in the form of slideshows. In the pdf version, the animations and moving components of the document are taken out; therefore, the size of the file is also gets reduced. So if you are someone who is looking for updated pdf documents, then DataPoint can be a very effective tool for you.

For individual mail merge reports

With the help of DataPoint’s Enterprise edition, a user can create multiple documents, reports, presentations instead of using one single document. You can click on the Snapshot Save As button, through which you can save the name of those separate files you create. In this process, you can personalize the contents of the reports and other such documents.

If used for creating Movies

Some clients prefer videos more than the slideshows created in Microsoft PowerPoint, and with the help of DataPoint, you can create personalized videos for your clients. You can create up to 10 videos at a time and all of which can be uploaded to Youtube.

DataPoint can function in different ways and give you the best results out of everything. If implemented properly, your reports, presentations, etc. will always be updated with the newest data whenever you open them.

Generate presentations with DataPoint

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