Technology has heavily influenced our daily life, making our lives easier in every aspect. Daily necessities have become easily available and affordable. In the corporate world, where people often have to track and play with numbers, technology has created different ways through which you get the result you require. All you have to do is input your command.

Handling data, creating reports and presentations have always been a hectic jobs. Well, now, it is not anymore, you can have your own presentation templates, reports and integrate the data you require. You can create multiple reports and presentations using just one template, and whatever data you want, you can get it from one single database.

Nowadays, presentation is needed to convey information, data, reports and project directives, etc. but creating a presentation or report is a time-consuming process. Especially when you have to manually process the relevant data and then put them into order to create a suitable report.

Starting from academics, researchers, evaluators, scientists and corporate world professionals, everyone uses presentations and makes reports on various topics, including finance, food and beverage, healthcare, index, marketing, retail and more. The main reason data reporting takes a lot of time to create is because individuals have to research a lot about the contemporary data, pile them up together, make sense out of them and then present it to the audience. As you can see, the process requires a lot of work.

But all of this can be avoided if you use a single and reliable data source like DataPoint. Let us discuss how automated reporting can take one step ahead of the game:

Normally what you do is collect and analyze the data and finally create a presentation or report where you mention your own insights. Sometimes you also include the expert opinion of any individual or any team. All of this is conducted and completed in PowerPoint. But PowerPoint is a tool that also has its own limitations. People have to do tedious tasks such as visualization, chart creation manually. Reports and presentations created manually have high chances of encountering errors. Datapoint exactly addresses these issues and makes the information of the reports reliable and up to date.

This way, the feature to automatically update data of your reports and presentation will save not only your mental health but also your money and time. With clever automation processes, your data will be automatically updated when you open the report or presentation.

Here are four prime characteristics of automated data reporting in PowerPoint:

data reporting in powerpoint


With data automation, you have to create a template only once, and the rest is easy. You can link the report table with reliable data sources, and every time you open the presentation, it will automatically get updated with the latest information and data.

You can use the same template to create other reports on different topics. The efficiency and productivity of your work will significantly increase for sure.

Creating Reports Takes only Minutes

Creating a report or presentation from scratch is an extremely laborious job, and it is time-consuming at the same time. With the help of real-time data automation, you can save the time and labor costs associated with the creation of reports. For example, social media agencies that have to create multiple reports can easily save time and extra costs through data automation.

Distribution of Data and Presentation

With data automation, you can easily distribute the reports or print them for official work. You can streamline your work with data automation and be sound and safe with it. Needless to say, you can share your reports without being hesitant about their authenticity.

data reporting in powerpoint

Consistency of Reports

You can easily compile your reports using multiple data sources. Create a single report where you can attach all the viable information and reports automatically. The data will be collected directly from the sources and updated instantaneously. This way, you can significantly reduce and avoid the risk associated with manually entering the data in your reports.

PowerPoint is a tool where people can be highly creative, but it comes with its own limitations. You may need a lot of time, work and money to create a single slide presentation or report. But with data automation, all of this extensive work can be avoided leaving you a simple yet extremely effective way to analyze, process and update the data from real-time sources. In this age of digitalization, where everyone is competing to get ahead of others using various digital tools, with the help of real-time data automation, you can achieve that.


Automate your data reports in PowerPoint

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