In this article, we discuss how Robertson County Government in Tennessee in the US used DataPoint to create their own election dashboard software for their election viewing party. A big thank you to Chet Biggers, IT Manager for Robertson Country for sharing this story with us.

Problem Background

In previous years during their local elections viewing party, they were only able to display images of the entire election results page. This page included State results which put a lot of detail on the screen which in turn made the text too hard to read from a distance.

They needed a solution that would allow viewers to only see the local results in a font large enough to be read as well as easily updating the results as the precincts’ tallies came in.

election viewing party dashboard Robertson County

The ElectionViewing Party Solution: DataPoint

Chet was looking for a solution to his election viewing party presentation problem. He didn’t want to have to manually update his PowerPoint slides every time the election results changed. He came across DataPoint while searching Google, and it solved his problem.

The DataPoint add-in for PowerPoint made it easy for Chet to customize and brand the images viewers saw on the big screen. It also allowed him to update the election results in an Excel spreadsheet and sync those updates with the PowerPoint slides, providing real-time election results.

election viewing party members Robertson County

The Results

Here were Chet’s comments on the results:

Support was great!


Results were great. Everyone enjoyed the slide show of the Election. The ability to customize the results in PowerPoint with the branding and backgrounds really made it special. It was easy to update the votes within Excel.

Create Your Own!

Want to create your own election viewing party or live election results dashboard? Download your free trial of DataPoint today.

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