Here is Sharyn Fitzpatrick’s fantastic presentation from our 2018 Presentation Ideas Conference. In a piece of impeccable timing, Sharyn put up a “Don’t Panic” slide talking about what to do about technical difficulties, just as our software crashed. So we were able to have a great conversation about how to handle technical issues during webinars.

Best Practices on How to Transition to Online Presenting

Oh, no – I have to present online! What do I do?

With the evolution of technology and limited time, many organizations are using online conferencing tools to deliver training, thought-leadership, and knowledge to their target audiences.  The challenge many face is how to transition their speakers to be effective online presenters. In this webinar, you will learn how to create presentations that make an impact with your audience and what best practices you can employ to engage them and keep them interested throughout your presentation as you transition from being in-person to online.  Discover the power of selecting the right tool to present, the impact of the right visual imagery, planning for the good and the bad, and how to keep the conversation moving with an audience you cannot see.

In this webinar, we will share a use case featuring the transition of a major employee assistance company from in-person training to a robust catalog of webinars in less than a year.  We will also compare the pros and cons of several online conferencing platforms, so you can decide which one fits your needs.  Attendees will also get several online presentation tools and templates that they can customize for their own presentation delivery.

About Sharyn

Working at the intersection of marketing, webinars, and learning, Sharyn uses her more than 25 years of experience and connections, both globally and in Silicon Valley, to create, deliver and manage customized, highly-rated marcom projects and webinar programs that deliver thought leadership and measurable top and bottom line results including pre-and post IPO preparation and marketing, investor relations, and event management (online and in-person). She is regarded as  an  out-of-the  box  thinker,  winning  numerous  awards  for  her  innovative  marketing  including  a  regional  Clio  and  recognition  for  Ad  Age’s  “Product  Launch  of  the  Year”.

With extensive experience as a leader in marketing communications and the use of virtual online conferencing tools, using a professional, flexible style, she has worked with high technology, media, education, and global corporations such as Cisco, Big Switch Networks, WebEx, AT&T Connect/Interwise, Knight-Ridder, The Learning Company, Happy About, THiNKaha, College Open Textbooks, Hewlett Foundation, SuccessFactors, Rapt, SignalDemand, Atari, and Docent/SumTotal. As the “Webinar Chick”, Sharyn has delivered over 1500+ live online events to audiences worldwide including media companies such as PresentationXpert, WorkplaceXpert, Recreation Management Magazine, Chief Learning Officer Magazine, and others.

You can find out more about Sharyn at

Sharyn has shared her templates here.

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