When automating PowerPoint data presentations, Excel worksheets are a great tool to use. You can open a presentation and always see the latest Excel info on your slides. No more copying over your Excel data to PowerPoint in order to present or distribute it. Or maybe you need to generate multiple presentations for reporting. Kind of boring batch creation, week over week.

With our DataPoint plugin, you can all automate that. Link your presentation directly to your Excel source and have real-time data. Let’s imagine that we need to generate certificates in PowerPoint with data from Excel. So in Excel, we have this type of information; the name of the student or participant, name of the teacher, and the points or percentage.

Then we create a certificate in PowerPoint that we are going to use as a template. A certificate slide we want for every student or participant coming from the Excel document.
automating powerpoint using excel
We use DataPoint to connect this presentation to the Excel spreadsheet, and then we connect it to an Excel worksheet and set a maximum range to import our data.
At the bottom, we see the raw Excel data that we are now going to use. Raw Excel data is fine. We are doing the cosmetic settings best in PowerPoint as automating PowerPoint is richer for reporting and layout rather than showing a report in Excel.
Use regular PowerPoint shapes like tables, pictures, and text boxes and link it dynamically to a cell of your Excel. Here we link this text box to the class results and want to display the student name. We start with row number 1 for now.

Automating PowerPoint Creates an Up-To-Date Presentation

The first benefit here is that we have linked our PowerPoint shapes to Excel data. We can save this presentation and when we open it again after a week, then it will refresh the content of your shapes with the new or updated data that might have been entered in the Excel file. No more old data. By automating your PowerPoint presentation,  you now know for sure when you open the presentation that you are always looking at the latest information. No doubt about that.

Generate Slides

Probably you have repetitive data at your Excel file. You don’t have one student, you have hundreds. You don’t have one article or project, you have hundreds of repetitive data rows. Let’s generate a new presentation with one slide per data record.

First of all, we open the scrolling properties in DataPoint. Here we enable data scrolling where we basically indicate that we want to generate multiple slides based on this Excel data connection.

Click OK to close this form here. Back on the DataPoint ribbon or menu, there we click the Snapshot button to start the copying process. When we have 100 students, then we end up with a new presentation with 100 slides. Sit back and relax. Your computer will start working now while you can get a cup of coffee.

A few minutes later, a new presentation with 100 slides is opened. 1 Slide per student, without mistakes. No copy-paste errors as you might risk when you doing it manually. Do you see a mistake, or have new data coming in? No problem, just restart the process and wait till the new document is ready.

Generate Individual PowerPoint Presentations

Maybe you don’t want a large presentation with all your slides in it. Or maybe you prefer individual documents that you can email to the students. No problem! Our DataPoint Enterprise edition can do that for you. Click the Snapshot Save As button of DataPoint.

Within a few minutes, you will find a folder with your 100 customized PowerPoint presentations. Easy when you need to separate data and results from others.

Generate PDF Documents

Or maybe you want to protect your design work, or you don’t know if the recipients have PowerPoint installed. Then just do the same but export the documents directly as PDF documents. Easy as 1, 2, 3.

All of this automating PowerPoint presentations based on Excel data can be done with our DataPoint plugin. Maintain the data in your Excel worksheet and have PowerPoint generate real-time and up-to-date presentations or documents for you.

How else can you generate 100’s of PowerPoint presentations in a few minutes?

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