Here is a recording of Ellen Finkelstein’s wonderful presentation from our Presentation Ideas Conference 2018.

9 Techniques to Make Your Presentations Modern — So You Don’t Look So Old!

When you have millennials in your audience, you don’t want your presentations to look old-fashioned. But if you aren’t a designer, you may not be aware that design has changed drastically in the last 5 years, partly due to new trends but also due to the exploding use of small screens. What looked good 5 years ago now looks out of date. When was the last time you updated your slides? Making your presentations look modern isn’t hard and you don’t need to be a designer. In this training, you’ll learn

  • 9 specific techniques to make your slides look modern
  • Situations when you don’t want to look modern
  • How to match your design to your message
  • A simple 4-part system to help you choose just the right images for your slides

By the end of this presentation, you’ll be able to make over existing presentations to make them look more modern.

About Ellen

Ellen Finkelstein is a PowerPoint MVP (Most Valuable Professional, a Microsoft award), one of only 14 in the United States Her well-known website at offers many PowerPoint tips and the PowerPoint Tips Newsletter. She specializes in training speakers and presenters to convert Death by PowerPoint to Life by PowerPoint; communicate clearly and powerfully; and design high-impact, persuasive and professional-looking slides.

Ellen has done training for Citrix, Brainshark, Disney, Microsoft, Pennsylvania State Education Association, Jefferson County Health Center, Maharishi University of Management, State University of New York at Buffalo, State University of Illinois, and others. She does on-site training, 1-on-1 virtual coaching/training, and webinars. Her specialty is helping speakers create clear, powerful, and persuasive presentations. Learn about her training programs here.

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